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Published: August 01, 2010
NewPort State of Mind" KeithFromUpDaBlock feat. Tara Priya Ist Verse (KeithFromUpDaBlock) Yeah I buy Newports from uptown or wherever Like Robert Dinero, l'll be hooked forever Got it from my poppa & since he was never there I smoke newties any where Yeah I'm puffin everywhere. I usually buy a carton. For All my strung out skinny models. Smoke em in the hallway After I snack at Mcdonalds. Puff then dip that ash out. In '95 they cost 3. Nowadays I'm bitchin cuz they hitting for $6.50 Roommates hate me, Cuz I smoke wreckless 2nd Hand Smoke always leave him breathless. After I get real high, Tote a Newport quickly Cause they make me feel more. All my smokin peeps feel me Stay up in da WAWA. Newport's, what I buy. Smokin stunts ya growth so thas prolly why I'm pint sized ... & If my lights out somebody hand a match to me. You can tell from Baracks lips that He most definitely smokes Chorus ( Tara Priya) Newports Long Sleek Hundreds Nicotine I love. One puff and it has you Now you smoke Newports One sweet puff will make you feel brand new It just may retire you Addicted to Newports, Newports,NEWPORTS 2nd ( KeithFromUpDaBlock) I smoke cigarettes with Din When we watch the sixers game We done made the Newport pack more famous Than The Salem brand You should know my lungs bleed But I'm not a quitter yo I done tried the patch, nicorette & even hypno Welcome to the smoking spot The corner where we smoke a lot Shorts or dem hundreds kid Soft pack or hard box. Feenin bad. Need em bad. Gotta drag. Holla back! & cities where you can't smoke at the bar that's really kind of wack. After sex l'm smoking. Laying there naked Pluck ashes on her tittie cuz itz funny but she hate it. See I gotta smoke a cigarette when I get laid. Even hid em from my mom when I was in 10th grade. Nowadays she know Everybody Warns me. Even the Surgeon General But I ignore his warning. Newport's is Killing me. I should throw em all away. Them Newport Kings? I'm smoking bout 3 packs a day. (Yes) Chorus Bridge Blow a cloud in the air if you smoke ciggies Stressed out on nicotine & u need to quit em. No other cigarettes can compare If u smoke a pack a day Let me hear you say YEAH YEAEEAEEEYEEEAH! Chorus End Written By keithFromUpDaBlock Tara Priya appears courtesy of SkeeTV
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