In an attempt to film evidence of a haunting, a young couple find more than they bargained for.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Written by Chris Kula and Eric Appel
Directed by Eric Appel
Starring Scott Davis and Erin McGathy
Graphics and Editing: Osmany Rodriguez and Matt Villines
Pyrotechnics: Sean Boyle and Josh Simpson
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6,909 Die Votes
Published October 24, 2009

[Wind Blowing]

Erin McGathy: What are you doing?

Scott Davis: All right. We're gonna film some ghosts.

Erin McGathy: [Sighs] All right. Well don't, I'm trying to get ready for bed. So, just let me.

Scott Davis: All right. Don't, don't pay any attention to the camera. This is just for the ghosts.

Erin McGathy: All right. Can you stop? You're always, this is, this is real for me. And you're, you're making fun of it. I want you to put away the camera.

Scott Davis: Okay, I think, I think it's good.

Scott Davis: Now I can see ghost action!

Eric McGathy: Okay.

Scott Davis: Ghosts!

[TV Clicks]

Scott Davis: Baby?

Erin McGathy: Hmm?

Scott Davis: Go turn off the TV.

Erin McGathy: I don't wanna turn off the TV.

Jigsaw Doll: Hello, Erin and Scott.

Erin and Scott: Aw!

Erin McGathy: What's this little puppet?

Jigsaw Doll: Tonight, one of you will make the ultimate choice.

Erin McGathy: Where you goin' little puppet? You got a party?

Scott Davis: Ohhh.

Erin McGathy: [giggles] He's got a little party to go to.

Jigsaw Puppet: The choice to end a life.

Erin McGathy: Yeah, it's late. We should go to sleep.

Scott Davis: Yeah, but hold on a second, TV's on.

Jigsaw Doll: But, will it be your own life, or the li-


Scott Davis: Good night.

[TV Clicks]

Jigsaw Doll: Life is a puzzle, and every living person a piece in it.

Erin McGathy: It's this weird puppet. Again.

Scott Davis: I've seen him on the Jeff Dunham show.

Jigsaw Doll: Erin, how will you fit in the puzzle? Easily.

Erin McGathy: He looks kinda like John Lithgow with makeup on.

Jigsaw Doll: And force something that doesn't fit.

Scott Davis: Good night, puppet. We got ghosts to find.

Jigsaw Doll: will each find an ice pick.

[TV Clicks]


Erin McGathy: Honey! Honey! Honey! Honey! Honey!

Scott Davis: Hmm?

Erin McGathy: Honey, wake up! [Bang]

Scott Davis: Hmm?

Erin McGathy: Wake up! Honey! Honey! Oh my God! Honey!

Scott Davis: Huh?

Scott Davis: Yeah, yeah. I'm gettin' the camera.

Erin McGathy: Yeah, cause it, it's coming from downstairs.

Erin McGathy: All right. Stay really close to me.

Scott Davis: I'm right behind you.


Scott Davis: Do you see anything? Do you?

Erin McGathy: Oh.

Scott Davis: Oh. Oh.

Erin McGathy: Oh, it's this puppet again.

Scott Davis: What? Hey.

Erin McGathy: It's this puppet.

Scott Davis: Hey. Hey guy. I, what, we're kinda sleeping.

Jigsaw Doll: I want to play a game.

Scott Davis: Come on. No, we don't wanna play a game.

Erin McGathy: I thought it was cute before, and now I'm just like blargh.

Scott Davis: Now, I don't like him. All right. Let's throw him away.

Erin McGathy: All right. Should I take his little box, too?

Scott Davis: Yeah, take the box. The cat might choke on it.

Jigsaw Doll: The rules to this game are now just simple. They are golden.

Scott Davis: I can still hear him.

Jigsaw Doll: In the kitchen.

Scott Davis: Now, now it just vibrates.

Erin McGathy: Well, then throw him in the outside garbage.

Scott Davis: There's, there's really good acoustics in that room. Well, yeah, lets, I'll throw him outside.

Erin McGathy: Just put him in the outside garbage.

Jigsaw Doll: As you would have done unto you.

Erin McGathy: I'm so tired.

Scott Davis: I know.

Jigsaw Doll: The question is: Erin...

Scott Davis: Just shut up.

Jigsaw Doll: How much can you have done unto you?


Scott and Erin: All right. [Erin Laughs]

Scott Davis: Let's go to bed.

Jigsaw Doll: [mumbling]

Scott Davis: I'm tired.

Erin McGathy: Me too.


Scott Davis: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Jigsaw Doll: Ahh! Oh God! Ahh! My body! My tiny little body!

Erin McGathy: Did you do this?!

Scott Davis: No!

Erin McGathy: Oh my God! The ghost did this!

Scott Davis: Oh!

Erin McGathy: Aw! That was so sweet of the ghost!

Scott Davis: Aw! Thank you ghost! Aw!

Erin McGathy: Now I can go to sleep.

Scott Davis: I'm gonna go to bed.

Erin McGathy: Let's make a baby!

[Wind Blowing]


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