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February 08, 2010


Announcer: And now, something from Funny or Die presents.
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Jen Kirkman: Today we're gonna talk about Frederick Douglass. Abraham Lincoln, I am friends with Douglass. I am a former slave who, and he's like, shh! I know who you are, it's been explained to me. I've been following your career forever. Be quiet. I'm into it. Now, let's talk.
Jen Kirkman: I would do more about him, but I will lay down. My legs are showing. I wanted to lose weight before this. Wait, don't show it, it's too white. I wanna lay down and have a drink. No, you know what I'm gonna do?
Jen Kirkman: Frederick Douglass he's like, guess what, Abraham Lincoln? I have to tell you three things. Blacks should fight in the war. Two, black soldiers who do fight in the war should get equal pay as whites. Three, if they're prisoners of war, don't kill them. And Lincoln's like, yeah, I think we can do this.
Jen Kirkman: Why do I feel like my, I didn't take my pants off or anything, did I? Cause I feel like I have no pants on.
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