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Directed by: Steve Carr
Written/Produced by: Taryn Southern and Jaime King
Produced by: David Bernad and Ken Franchi
DP: Adam Santelli
Editor: Tiffany Shih
AC: David Thomas
2nd Camera: Jethro Rothe-Kushel
Gaffer: Layne McIsaac
Electric: Philly John
Key Grip: Woody Cone
Grip: Chris McNeilis
Sound: Ramsey Mallette
Hair: Viki Marras
Make Up: Tina Cohen
PAs: Ashton Golembo, Nick Schreiber and Pete Letz
Data Manager: Vahe Papyzan
Behind the Scenes: Brett Register
Still Photography: India Brookover
Special Thanks To:
Brett Jacobsson and Bryon Schreckengost at Her Energy
Stand Up 2 Cancer
Jason Taragon
Megan Pachon
Brittany Harrison
George Ruiz
Jonathan Bernad
Travis Heaps
Kyle Newman
Music: "Scheming Weasel" and "One Note Long" by Kevin MacLeod


The video opens with the text – What Do Celebrities Gossip About? A montage of celebrity scandal images from the internet and magazines are shown. The shot then cuts to Jaime King checking her eyebrows in the mirror and looking unhappy. 

Minka Kelly (offscreen): Oh God, that's awful.

The shot cuts to Alyson Hannigan, Emily Deschanel, Kat McPhee and Minka Kelly sitting around on a bed.

Minka Kelly: Thank goodness everything turned out alright and didn't get to the tabloids. 

The shot cuts back to Jaime King at the mirror.

Jaime Kelly: I mean, obviously it can happen to any one of us. You know.

The shot cuts back to Alyson Hannigan, Emily Deschanel, Kat McPhee and Minka Kelly sitting on a bed.

Emily Deschanel: To think, we're just going about our normal lives, shopping, getting our hair done at the salons and bam, they attack! 

The shot cuts back to Jaime King, obsessively prodding her eyebrows. 

Voice offscreen: You can never be too careful anymore.

The shot cuts back to Alyson Hannigan, Emily Deschanel, Kat McPhee and Minka Kelly sitting around on a bed.

Alyson Hannigan: Yeah, you would think I wouldn't even have to worry about it. I mean because I'm so small.

Alyson Hannigan begins to prod her breast. 

Minka Kelly: You are small.

Jaime King joins Alyson Hannigan, Emily Deschanel, Kat McPhee and Minka Kelly on the bed.

Jaime King: I'm so glad you guys aren't totally weirded out by doing this tonight. It's just you're my friends and I just want to make sure that we're all in good health. 

Alyson Hannigan, Emily Deschanel, Kat McPhee, Minka Kelly and Jaime King all begin to prod and feel their breasts. Emily Deschanel screams loudly and jumps up. Alyson Hannigan, Kat McPhee, Jaime King and Minka Kelly all scream and also jump up off the bed. 

Jaime King: What?

Kat McPhee: What is it?

Alyson Hannigan: Is there a spider?

Minka Kelly: Oh God, a spider!

Jaime King: Where?

Emily Deschanel: No! A lump! I found a lump.

Suspenseful music begins to play in the background and Alyson Hannigan, Jaime King, Kat McPhee and Minka Kelly all express concern.

Emily Deschanel: Seriously, I found a lump. What am I going to do?

Jaime King: OK, everybody just calm down. Alright, we can get through this. Maybe it's just a false alarm, some scar tissue. A fibroadenoma. A benign cyst.

Emily Deschanel: B-what?

Minka Kelly: A benign cyst. It's just a harmless, fluid filled sac of tissue. 

Kat McPhee: Like a zit, only bigger.

Emily Deschanel: Oh, that's disgusting. Get it out of me. 

Alyson Hannigan: OK, I'm going to check. Emily, I'm going to put my hand on your breast and apply some pressure. Is that OK?

Emily Deschanel: Uh, yeah.

Alyson Hannigan reaches out and applies some pressure to Emily Deschanel's breast. 

Alyson Hannigan: Oh my God, I don't know how to tell you this, but you definitely have a lump.

More suspenseful music plays in the background. Alyson Hannigan pulls open Emily Deschanel's sweater to reveal a bra with jewels all over it.

Alyson Hannigan: In this jewel encrusted push-up bra you're wearing. 

Everyone acts relieved.

Alyson Hannigan: I mean, where did you get that thing? It's got more diamonds than Flava Flav's grandmother.

Kat McPhee: We're in a recession. 

Emily Deschanel: Well, it's Victoria Secret, limited edition.

Minka Kelly: I have the exact same one. It gives a really good boost.

Emily Deschanel: It does. 

Jaime King: Oh my God, you scared the crap out of me! I need some fresh air.

Jaime King walks toward a window.

Alyson Hannigan: You're supposed to go inside the bra. 

Alyson Hannigan, Emily Deschanel, Kat McPhee and Minka Kelly begin to check their breasts again. Jaime King pulls open the blinds and is startled by flashes going off. Paparazzi are outside the window taking pictures. A series of pictures that appear compromising are shown of Alyson Hannigan, Emily Deschanel, Kat McPhee and Minka Kelly. A final image of Jaime King looking shocked and horrified is shown. The text – Touch a tit, save a tit. Do your monthly breast exam – appears. At the bottom of the screen text – For more information, see your doctor – appears. The shot goes black and the following text appears: 

Brought to you by 

Directed by Steve Carr

Written & Produced by Jaime King and Taryn Southern

Produced by David Bernad

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