The Ghostbusters are back! And they're sort of assholes.

Full Credits

Director: Ben Weinstein
Writer: Dan Gregor
Director of Photography: Paul Marschall
Visual Effects Supervisor: Mike Dunkley
Produced by: Doug Mand, Dan Gregor and Ben Weinstein
Doug Mand
Dan Gregor
Adam Pally
Eliza Skinner
Thomas Middleditch
Baron Vaughn
Skye Ahrens
Ghostbusters Replica Props:
Vincent Montenegro
Vincent Nordone
Douglas Hawley
Andrew Rayonez
Philip Mangano
Ross Arbuckle
Eric Bader
Chris Ernst
Sound Recordist:
Kevin Faber
Editor: Ben Weinstein
Production Assistants:
Paul Karp
Rachel Bloom
Sound Mixer: Drew Capputo
Concept by: Dan Gregor and Lucas Held
"Ghostbusters" (Instrumental) by Ray Parker Jr.
Special Thanks:
Jennifer Thurston
Alex Weinstein
Dave Lebensfeld
Ed Mundy
Ivonne Nordone
Jen Soqui
Gillian Waterman
and The Southern California Ghostbusters Association


Benjamin: [Crying] Oh, Shelley. I miss you so much.
Shelley: Benjamin.
Benjamin: Oh my God. Shelley?
Shelley: Yes, my love.
Benjamin: I miss you so much.
Shelley: I miss you so much.
Benjamin: I wanna hug you, and I wanna kiss you.
Shelley: I need you.
Benjamin: Can I please, just? Can't we kiss just this once?
Shelley: Yes my love. Kiss me now.
[Men Screaming]
Shelley: [Screaming]
Benjamin: No! You guys, what are you doing?!
Dr. Raymond Stantz: Ghost bustin'!
Dr. Egon Spengler: Yeah!
Benjamin: Why are you doing this?!
Shelley: [Screaming]
Ghostbusters: Woo!
Dr. Peter Vinkman: Throw the trap!
Shelley: [Screaming]
Egon: It worked, boys!
Peter: Loving it!
Shelley: Why!?
Ray: Pull it!
Egon: Woo!
Ray: Yeah, man. Ho!
Benjamin: Why would you do that?!
Ghostbusters: 'Cause ghostbustin' makes me feel good!
Benjamin: That was my wife you as*holes! I haven't seen her in two years!
Ghostbusters: Uh, I, uh, oh gosh...
Benjamin: Why would you bust her?! Where is she?
Peter: She's in the trap.
Ray: She's in here.
Benjamin: Get her out of there!
Ray: Uh, I don't think that is doable. It's, it's like an in hole, it's not an out hole. It...
Peter: Things don't come out of there.
Egor: Not gonna happen.
Benjamin: Oh, God, Shelley! Please know that I love you.
Egor: She can't hear you, sir.
Benjamin: Why?!
Egor: She is like a milkshake right now. She is dead now. She has never been more dead.
Ray: Good ghosts, bad ghosts, it, there's only one dial on the spectrometer.
Benjamin: Get her out of there!
Ray: I've got like thirty other ghosts in there and if I open it up for her they're all gonna get out.
Peter : Tell you what we'll do. We'll buy you groceries. For the week.
Egor: Actually, uh, I'm getting a really high reading on the spectrometer right now. There might be some other aberrations in the vicinity.
Benjamin: Where?
Katie: Daddy?
Ghostbusters: Bust it!
Benjamin: No, no no! Don't, don't bust this ghost! It's a good ghost! This is my daughter, Katie. You maniacs! Jesus!
Benjamin: I'm sorry, sweetie.
Katie: What happened to me, daddy?
Benjamin: You had to go away. And it hurts, really bad. But, uh, I promise you, I promise you nothing is ever gonna hurt you ever again.
[Door Slams]
Baron Vaughn: Sorry I'm late!
Katie: Ow! It hurts, daddy!
Peter: Throw the trap!
Benjamin: No!
Katie: Daddy, you really broke your promise!
Ghostbusters: Woo! Yeah! [Cheering]
Peter: Like mother, like daughter!
Benjamin: Why don't you guys look and check to see who the ghost is?!
Baron: 'Cause bustin' makes me feel good!
Ray: Bustin' makes me feel good!
Peter: Doodle doodle doo.
Benjamin: You knew that wasn't a bad ghost!
Egor: As soon as I pulled the trigger I did feel bad.
Ray: Man, we really should be going. But, if you ever have any legitimate paranormal concerns, who ya gonna call?
Benjamin: F**k you.
Egor: Fair enough. You will bounce back. People go through a lot of bad stuff, and you will, you seem like a strong guy. Play the field a little bit, right? That...
Benjamin: Get out of my house. Please.
Egor: Okay. Pleasure meeting you.
Ray: Hi. I think we forgot the trap.
Benjamin: [Crying]