When Rhune Kincaid and his Ovation guitar start to sing, people get molested. And slapped.
Published September 08, 2009 1k views More Info ยป
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Music and Lyrics by Rhune Kincaid
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My mind is wandering,
While I'm behind the wheel.
I'm looking over at you in the passenger seat, thinking,
"Are those real?"

Then I gotta stop too fast,
Then I gotta brake too hard,
My instinct is to protect you,
So I throw out my arm.

Ooo, coppin' a feel
Those things are real
At least one of them is

Ooo, coppin' a feel
It's a simple touch, but it means so much

I could take you out,
Get you full of wine,
But I'm not like that,
I just wait until you stand too close in the grocery line

Ooo, coppin' a feel
How can I tell if these melons are ripe?
Without touching them?

Ooo, coppin' a feel

It's a simple touch, but it means so much...
In court

You accuse me of innappropriate groping,
Well, excuse me, maybe I was just hoping
That when I try to flirt by complimenting your skirt,
I'd know about the fabric, build up some static electricity
Between you and me,
I need permission to land these wandering hands
It's a molestation for my g-g-generation

Right about now, I want everyone to look at the person on their right. That's good. Now, no one is looking at the person on their left. People on the left, I want you to reach over there and grab a breast or a thigh. Aw, yeah. People on the right, you just got groped and you liked it. But you don't want anyone to know that you liked it. So, I want you to look over to that person who just felt you up and slap 'em in the face, slap 'em in the face, slap 'em in the face, yeah.

Ooo, coppin' a feel,
I'm on a mission to do some squishin'
Ain't no physician, I don't wait for no permission

Ooo, coppin' a feel
There's no harm in squeezin' your charmin
Some guys like to take your coat,
I prefer the motor boat

I'm a coppa, coppa, coppa ca-feeleon,
Everybody sing,

Ooo, coppin' a feel
Yeah, coppin' a feel, coppin' a feel, coppin' a feel now,
One more time

Ooo, coppin' a feel

It's a simple touch, but it means so much
At the Ice House...