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Linda - Tatiana Maslany
Monica - Tori Anderson
Director - Kelly Hudson
Writer - Amina Munir
Producer - Michael Burke
Producer - Justin G Dyck
Production Coordinator - Myles Milne
Director of Photography - Russ De Jong
1st AC - Rafal Strupinski
Swing - Kyle Francis
Production Designer - Ashley Corley
HMU - Kristin Wayne
Stylist - Alexis Honce
Sound Mixer - Bob Charters
PA - Marco Dufemia
PA - Thomas Cornish
BTS Photography - Stanislav Yavorskiy

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March 22, 2017


- Uh huh, okay.
(keyboard typing)
- Don't tell me you're gonna bail on me again, Monica.
We have tickets to the hottest concert in town tonight.
- I'm sorry, I'm just really tied down.
- Work?
- Nope, I have to go down to the police station
to repetition them not to destroy my rape kit.
- Rape kit?
You mean all the evidence they spent hours collecting
from every part of your body in the hospital
on the night you were raped?
- Yep, they want to throw it out
without even testing to see if there's a DNA match.
It's such a drag.
- Rats, god, that must have been
really emotionally scarring for you.
- I know, I'm such a spaz.
I completely spaced out about it.
- That happens to me all the time.
- Really?
- Totally, that's why I finally caved and bought myself
a Sexual Assault Survivor's Utility Belt.
- Wow.
- Here, you can borrow mine.
- Really?
- Of course, I've got an extra.
You know, there are 25 million sexual assault survivors
in the U.S. and counting,
so these babies are being mass produced.
- Oh, chic.
- And helpful.
A six month timer to remind me
when to go down to the police station
and convince them not to throw away
the only DNA evidence from my case.
- And this?
- A poncho for when I forget and have to go digging
in the dumpster in the rain for my rape kit.
- Neat, what if I need help though, Linda?
Is there customer assistance or a counselor
in this belt too?
- Oh no, we're going to do you one better.
A smart phone.
It's a tiny computer for your hands.
It allows you to search the net, or Google,
or even search valuable information.
- Neato, let me check to see if I have to
pay for my own rape kit.
Oh, yep, sure do.
- And when you don't have access to the net,
hard copies of every state legislation
because the law is different from state to state.
- This is great.
At first I thought you were going to tell me
my state government would advocate for my rights,
but now I have something even better.
A belt.
- And it does wonders for your figure.
(object clattering)
Oh, that's just to spray myself awake
when I fall into a scream coma
every time I think about how fucked up these laws are.
- Snacks too?
- Yep, the belt does everything.
- Thanks for the second best thing
to meaningful legislation.
- So how about that concert tonight, girlfriend?
- Oh, unfortunately I still can't go, Linda.
You know the belt is great and all,
but I have to go down to the station again,
try and convince the police not to destroy my rape kit
by going over the harrowing details of my assault
that I'm trying to move past.
- Oh, right, that makes sense.
- [Announcer] The sexual assault survivor utility belt,
a pretty bad solution for a very real problem.
Available in pink, blue, or scream.
Just like with rape kits, there's an enormous backlog,
so order yours today.
If you think this belt is completely absurd,
join the movement at Rise Now dot U S.