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Full Credits

Starring: Robert Englund, Diora Baird, Natalie Zea, Shawn Pyfrom & Daniel Sharman
Narration by
Also featuring: Alex Berg, Billy Merritt, Cindy Fang, Peter Podgursky, Tony Baack, Alex Tyson, Kristen DeLuca, Barbara Kerford
Written / Directed by: Alex Fernie
Produced by: Sean Boyle and Betsy Koch
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
Edited by: Peter Lazarus
Production Designer: Alexi Gomez and Rachael Ferrara
Sound: BoTown Sound
Hair/Makeup: Sara Irving
Hair/Makeup Asst: Jill Pugh
Wardrobe: Aubrey Binzer
Wardrobe Assistant: Bradley Bowns
1st AD: Tim Ketchersid
2nd AD: Matt Mazany
1st AC: Ray Lee
2nd AC / DIT: Jordan Martin
G&E: Mike Herrera, Win Jones, Jason Brewer, Chasen Allen
Stills Photographer: Benji Lanpher
Production Assistant: Alistair Walford, Caitlin Smith, Sam Varela, Anthony Knasas
Special Thanks: Adam at The Hollywood Castl


[gun cocks]
[bullet ricochet]
James Adomian: Coming this summer, from
the network that brought
James Adomian: you The Tudors, and
The Borgias.
James Adomian: Brace yourself for
Showtime's new original series
James Adomian: The Dark Ages.
Diora Baird: Damn these dark ages Rowan.
Damn them for keeping
Diora Baird: us apart.
Shawn Pyfrom: I love you.
James Adomian: The Dark Ages brings the
genre of soft core historical
James Adomian: drama to new heights.
Robert Englund: Well, actually I was drawn
so to speak to this
Robert Englund: Project, because I've
always wanted to do
Robert Englund: something where people
Robert Englund: screwed a bunch, you know, in the
old timey clothes.
Robert Englund: You shall not marry her
Rowan. She is a filthy,
Robert Englund: ugly, peasant.
Shawn Pyfrom: But father, I love her,
Shawn Pyfrom: despite her hideously
flawless skin, and her
Shawn Pyfrom: disgustingly perfect body.
Diora Baird: You know we're trying to be as
authentic as possible.
Diora Baird: It is really, really hard
playing someone who
Diora Baird: doesn't even know what
a phone is.
Daniel Sharman: Bat your eyes.
Daniel Sharman: For the crusades have left
me scarred beyond all recognition.
Natalie Zea: (gasps) You're hideous dark brow.
Daniel Sharman: You know what I love about
this project is it
Daniel Sharman: combines the kind of
sexiness of the Tudors,
Daniel Sharman: and the kind of steaminess
of Camalot
Daniel Sharman: with just a hint of
historical eroticism of Rome.
Daniel Sharman: The Dark Ages is based on
the work of renowned
Daniel Sharman: Princeton University scholar
R. K. Mendleson.
Professor Mendleson: What the hell
was that?
Professor Mendleson: My book is an academic
work. That is entirely
Professor Mendleson: historically inaccurate--
Daniel Sharman: Professor Mendleson
approved each script
Daniel Sharman: as 100% historically
Robert Englund: Fetch me my armor.
For tomorrow we go to war.
Natalie Zea: I'm just glad that the
show has the guts to
Natalie Zea: show that, you know,
just because something hasn't happened
Natalie Zea: in the past doesn't mean
everybody has to have that too.
Natalie Zea: Witchcraft has brought
the black plague to our
Natalie Zea: town. It has killed
nearly all of our people.
[dramatic music]
Shawn Pyfrom: Dark ages had more
pestilence, corruption.
Shawn Pyfrom: This show has
all of that,
Shawn Pyfrom: plus it has naked boobs
every 5 seconds.
Daniel Sharman: Burn her.
She's a witch.
Crowd: Yeah!
Diora Baird: (screams) No! No!
Diora Baird: My clothes will burn
off and I'll be naked.
Natalie Zea: Take me.
Diora Baird: Take me.
Robert Englund: Take me.
James Adomian: The Dark Ages.
James Adomian: See what happens in
the dark.
James Adomian: Only on Showtime.