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Full Credits

Pat O'Brien
Ben Wickham
Patrick Finnerty
Allan McLeod
Jason Kirkland
Director & Writer- Bryan Madole
Producer- Brianne Trosie
Machinima- Ian Beckman
Editor- Kegan Swyers
DP- Matt Sweeney
Gaffer- Zach Zeidman
Key Grip- Jenn Cohen
Swing- Evan Ostrovsky
Sound- GoPal Bidari
Wardrobe- Michelle Thompkins
Hair & Makeup- Leigh Schwartz
PA- Glenn Fellman

Stats & Data

December 07, 2015


Male Speaker: NBA 2k made
waves recently with
it's Livin' Da Dream
Story Mode.
A cinematic gaming mode
that takes you off the
court, and actually into
the real life of an NBA player,
and we realized we need
to do the same for
Madden 2016.
Hey Sledge, you're not
training hard enough!
I'm training really hard coach!
Our goal was to capture
the real struggles that
NFL players face.
Male Voice 1: Did you beat
your wife or not?
Male Voice 2: Man, I
ain't saying shit.
Male Voice 1: Sledge, I'm your
attorney. It's okay if you hit her.
The NFL has a two strike
policy. Your first time
you get a little slap on
the wrist suspension, and you're
good to go.
Male Voice 2:
For real?
That's crazy.
Male Voice 1: I know, right?
Male Speaker: Working with actors,
and motion capture we
were able to really harness
technology to create
a living, breathing 3
dimensional wife beating character.
But where Madden Story Mode
really shines is Owner Mode.
Where you get to see what
it's like to run your
own NFL team, and make
the hard decisions NFL
owners make.
[in game sound]
Male Speaker: Not to mention
Commissioner Mode where users
get to run the entire NFL.
[in game sound]
Male Speaker: Realism was of the
utmost importance here.
We wanted to create a fully
immersive gaming experience.
Walking that mile in your
player's shoes just makes
victory that much sweeter.
Male Voice 1: You did it sledge.
You got off scot-free.
Male Voice 2: I love this league.
Male Speaker: And the fun doesn't
stop when your player's career
is over. In Story Mode,
you can actually help
navigate him through his
twilight years. In which
he'll have a 1-3 chance of
developing acute brain
damage. It's pretty cool stuff.
Male Voice 3: Help me. I feel so alone.
Male Speaker: It's about
that joy. You know?
It's about that joy
of football.
[shocking sound]
[Funny or Die ending jingle]