If YOU think YOUR life sucks my friend, YOU don't know JACK. Jack Bradley dies... more »

Full Credits

Animation by Jim Boyd
Written against his will by: Dave Martin
Characters in order of appearance:
Jack : voice by David "If I don't get discovered soon my next movie will be a porn" Martin
Blind Man: Voice by Tom "Yeah?? Well if I'm a cock blocker...you're a...a...a Big Meany! " Cruise.
E.M.T : Voice by Rosie "Hey this is a better gig than The View, so bite me " O'Donnell
Saint Peter: voice by HIMSELF
(Yeah That's IT!!! What do you want from me?? I'm already going to hell for writing that Heaven scene)
Old Dead Guy: Walter "Eastwood" Czisny
Jacks Mom: Miss "M" "Now enlightening minds world wide baby"
Kenny: voice by Alyssa "I was robbed, That Oscar should have been mine" Martin
Narrator: voice by Dhananjay "Ok so maybe that is a sock in my pocket but you said you were only looking for a man with a sense of humor...LIAR!!" Gujral