Perry Hilton in front of Geisha House with Jeremy Piven 1:29 am - by HTV
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Published April 11, 2007

Jeremy Piven: What's up, Perry?

Perry Hilton: How are you, buddy?

Jeremy Piven: Nothing, Perry. What are you doing, man?

Perry Hilton: Nothing, man. Just signing my stuff. You know how it is, Jeremy Piven.

Jeremy Piven: Don't take a victory lap. That's fine, baby. There you go.

Perry Hilton: I'm not taking one, you know it. Life's tasty.

Woman Off Camera: No problem, thank you.

Jeremy Piven: This is yours, right?

Woman Off Camera: Yeah, thanks.

Perry Hilton: Were you in there, buddy?

Jeremy Piven: I was in there.

Perry Hilton: Lotta fives and sixes dressed like nines, you know what I mean?

Jeremy Piven: That's right.

Perry Hilton: Lotta guys with a lot of hair gel.

Jeremy Piven: It was like they were auditioning for Elimidate.

Perry Hilton: [Laughs] You're so funny, Jeremy Piven.

Jeremy Piven: Don't touch me.

Perry Hilton: You're so funny, man. I fu**in' love this guy! [Yelling] Jeremy Piven!

Jeremy Piven: There any way, how?

Perry Hilton: You gonna come by the house, Jeremy Piven?

Jeremy Piven: Absolutely. You have the baby cougars you're feeding up there, right?

Perry Hilton: Yeah, yeah.

Jeremy Piven: You have the baby cougars there?

Perry Hilton: Yeah, I do.

Jeremy Piven: What do you feed your baby cougars?

Perry Hilton: Uh, Ahi tuna.

Jeremy Piven: Ahi tuna?

Perry Hilton: It's, uh, high protein low carb, Jeremy Piven.

Jeremy Piven: That's some good thinking, there. Listen, I would, I would love to be there but I have to sham-, I'm shampooing tonight.

Perry Hilton: Are you?

Jeremy Piven: Can I get, can I get my car, my man? These are mine. Thank you.

Perry Hilton: [Laughing]

Jeremy Piven: Thank you so much, sir. I appreciate it. Perry, Godspeed to you, man.

Perry Hilton: Good seeing you again, Jeremy Piven.

Jeremy Piven: Give my love to the baby cougars.

Perry Hilton: Thanks, man. Come by any time that you want to. We'll be feeding them.

Jeremy Piven: Yeah.

Perry Hilton: All right. Just call the house, man.

Jeremy Piven: Okay!

Perry Hilton: I'll give you the gate code. See ya, Jeremy Piven. Life's tasty.

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