Funny Or Die tech expert Matt Klinman does a full teardown of the Apple Watch.

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Matt Mayer

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September 11, 2015


What's $500 dollars,
assembled by Chinese slaves,
and bringing wearable tech
to the main stream?
That's right, it's the Apple Watch.
Hi, I'm Matt Klinman for
Funny or Die News,
and this is our Apple Watch
( music )
For this teardown, we're going to be
opening up our Apple Watch,
and seeing what's inside.
First thing you're going to notice
is that we have the
rubber one of the Apple Watch,
Which is great for runs,
and the bands are easily removed.
My guess is that these rubber
bands cost about
$4.95 so that's one part of the price.
You know what?
( grunts )
We can just get these off at
the end.
So, what we're going to do though
is we're just going to
pop off the glass top.
So that we can get to the components
This is a little bit harder
than I expected it to be,
but that's no problem, because
we've got some tools
that will help us with the job.
Okay, and we're starting to
get in here.
Let the teardown begin.
That's still, stuck on there.
That's fine.
Alright, so we're going to
very carefully just pull
the screen off, and look at that,
as you can see it's tethered
there by a flat wire.
The flat wire that...
You know? That's fine.
Just going to...
Oh, that was a little too easy there.
There we go.
It's probably a $5 dollar chip.
And lets get into this black thing.
And this is our warning,
authorized service piece...
So, cool.
I'm going to guess that is one of
the more expensive components of
the Apple Watch, proprietary,
but my estimate for this would
be about $50 dollars probably,
for this authorized parcel.
So, lets keep on going here.
As you can see what have a big...
( inaudible )
Try and get that out.
Oh look at that.
That was very easy to remove there, and...
Alright, now that our
teardown of the Apple Watch
is almost complete.
Why don't we take a look
at another watch in the field?
I got here an Armitron.
These run about $35 dollars,
and lets tear this one down as
well, and compare the components.
Alright, and as you can see
very similar components,
between the two watches,
and yet the Armitron retails for
$35 dollars, the Apple Watch
$350 dollars, and that's
just the base price.
So you can see that Apple is
making a big profit off
of their Apple Watch.
We tore it down, and then we
fixed it back up.
For Funny or Die News I'm Matt
Klinman, and this was your Apple
Watch teardown.