We see what we want to see.

Full Credits

Starring Chuck Hoyes as the Doctor
Sam Kellett as the Patient
Produced, edited, directed by Matt Friedman
Shot by Rich Samuels

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Alright Jason, Today we're going to try something
called the "Rorschach Test."

You know what that is? I'm just going to show you a series
of inkblots and you show me what you see in them


Sounds easy enough.


Uh, it's a puppy.

It's uh, a fire truck?


So, what do you see here?


Don't be shy.

It's a man having sex with a woman from behind.

Let's try another one. First thing that comes
to mind.

I really don't want to say.

Say it, say it, or I can't help you.

It's a man and a woman sixty-nining?

What are you writing?

Nothing. Nothing. What about that one?

Why are showing me these pictures?

We see what we want to see, Jason. Now what
is it?

Ii's a cloud. It's a fluffy cloud.

That's not what you see!

Alright, alright!

Say it.

Uh- eh-

Say it.

Auto-erotic asphyxiation?


But that's what it is!

Ok, Jason! Last one. What do you see and how
do you feel about what you see?