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This video is our TWILIGHT: NEW MOON fantasy: what if Bella was part Buffy and... more »
Published October 29, 2009 25k views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Created by Pantless Knights
Directed by Peter Furia
Produced by Beau Lewis & Peter Furia
Camera by David Fine
Lyrics by Beau Lewis & Peter Furia
Instrumental Produced by Taylor Locke
Vocals by Erica Sunshine Lee
Costumes by Vanessa Johnston
Make-Up by Katie Furia
Michelle Nunes as "Bella Swan
Beau Lewis as "Edward Cullen"
Judd Eliasoph as "Jacob Black"
Peter Furia as "Jasper Cullen" and "Felix"
Jay Iyengar as "Laurent"
Debbie Glasband as "Victoria"
Amy Barth as "Biker Vampire"
Arthur Soroken as "Aro"
Noah Lichtenstein as "Caius"
Katie Furia as "Jane"
Christy Von der Ahe as "Alice Cullen"
Finn Kelly as "Carlisle Cullen"
Amanda Boggs as "Esme Cullen"
Andrew Kitchell as "Werewolf #2"
Arjun Banker as "Werewolf #3"
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Published October 29, 2009