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Full Credits

Starring Jason Alexander
Featuring Alex Fernie, Stephanie Allyne & Mel Cowan
Writer/Director: Alex Fernie
Producer: Rachel Goldenberg
DP: Zach Zdziebko
Sound: Alex Hutchinson
Makeup: Megan Nicoll
Production Designer: Ellie del Campo
Gaffer: Elizabeth Yarwood
Assistant Camera: Craig Pentak
PA: Matt Lewis

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(crashing sound)
Low voice: Exclusive.
Male: 2011, tsunamis, wars,
earthquakes, but one tragedy
that eclipse's them all.
Netflix has raised their prices.
This is literally the worse thing that
has ever happened to white people.
These are the faces of devastation.
For a mere $6 a month,
you can help them keep
their current Netflix plans.
(soft music)
Male: This is Samantha.
She's just like you.
But, her life has been
destroyed by Netflix.
Samantha: Did they change
the pricing because
of something I did? Is it
because I said I never received
disc 2 of season 3 of The Wire?
Really, I scratched it
using it as a coaster.
Male: The world is so unjust.
Samantha is so upset, she
can barely get out of bed
to attend her advanced Pilates workshop.
Samantha: (crying)
Male: I know. I know.
With this unconscionable act, Netflix is
joined the ranks of
histories greatest monsters.
Netflix must be stopped.
(soft music)
Male: And, you can help.
Young man: What the hell am
I supposed to do now. Huh.
Go to the video store, like a poor person?
Guy with glasses: It's
just hard, you know.
I was going to watch every
movie where Jason Statham
plays a hit-man, but at
this price, I only get
to watch 10 or 12 of them. It's so good.
(soft music)
Male: Please give. Not
since Pearl Harbor have
Americans been faced ... I'm sorry.
It's just the tears are
falling on MacBook Pros,
and Pier one throw pillows
across this country today.
So, please call the number below.
For just dollars a month,
you can help an upper
middle class American
keep their access to DVDs
and streaming video.
(soft music)
Guy with glasses: Why!
Male: If not you, then who?
If Netflix can increase it's
prices, then what's next?
Will the Gap stop making
size 32 x 32 Khakis?
Will whole foods cease the stock
the granola you pretent to like?
Is that a world you want to live in?
Samantha: Screw it. I
just use Bit Torrent.
(clash sound)