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Full Credits

Starring: Alan Thicke and Jake Regal
Director: George Nolfi
Writer: Laura Chinn
DP: Kevin Atkinson
Editor: Joel Viertel
Producer: Ally Hord
AC: Gabe Diniz
Gaffer: Jay Guffey
Key Grip: Chris Cogan
Sound: Bo Town Sound
Art: Samantha Corona, Candy Lopez
Hair/MU: Emily Rae
Wardrobe: Tala Bahktar
PAs: Andrew Grissom, Daniel Beldy, Matt Sweeney, Hanna Dickinson


[birds signing]
Hey, how you doing son?
- Not so good dad
Uh, well
Why don't we go inside, we'll have a glass a milk,
and you tell me about it
He just said, "I'm sorry, but we're not hiring right now."
It's the same thing I've heard for the last six months
I'm so sorry son
I just don't know what to do
Finish with your milk there buddy?
- No, not yet.
Good, because it's time for you to get out
You need to move the fuck out
Dad I can't find a job
Your 23 years old, get the fuck out
C'mon it's time
There's no where for me to go
- Your mother's already packed your shit
It's out there in the U-haul
we need your room
I need an office, slash gym, slash art room
- For my ceramics
I gotta fire my ceramics here in the kitchen
like an animal
And you see this, this is a boat
Your dad wants one, and I can't get one with you
sucking on my teet till I die
[music plays]
Loser! You could've invented facebook!
Get a life!
Little turd
Not a Kardashian and the bunch
:01:21.000 --: 00:01:24.00
The k at the end of 401 one does not stand for kids