Meet "The Guy": local legend and quite possibly the laziest human being on the planet. He has a big day planned.
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Dave Leamy... "The Guy" [Co-Writer, Co-Producer] | J.M. Finholt... "the Grizzled Activist" [Producer, Writer, Director, Editor] | James Atkinson... "Delivery Guy" [Additional Photography] | Christina Romero... "First College Student" [Producer, Location Coordinator] | Brooke Scelza... "2nd College Student" | Kathryn Romero... "Next-Door Neighbor" | Jessica Bard... "New Voter" | "Frat House Guys"... Eric Dutton, Todd Shwayder, Raul Martinez, Derek Elliott, Kevin Preston | Special Thanks: Jeff Bromberger, Jay Bromberger, D.J. Johnson, Matt Pitt, Jay Moore | Created by Nerdsport Media, LLC (C) 2008 J.M. Finholt
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