Brain surgeon and presidential candidate Ben Carson has released his new campaign commercial!

Full Credits

Keisha Zollar - Actor
Zoe Dennis - Makeup
Dr. David Mayer - Location Manager

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October 04, 2015


Narrator: Renowned brain
surgeon Dr. Ben Carson
is running for president.
And Americans just like you
are responding to his
inspiring message of perseverance,
and change.
Ben Carson knows about progress,
and he knows about
brains. He's been operating
on brains for the past
decades using a knife, and
some other tools. And that's
why he's voting for me Ben Carson.
Steve Corbon is my idea,
because I have the kids.
Well, not these ones.
Some other ones.
I just met the candidate,
and now I finally know I'm
the one. Thanks to him, I know
the mist was always there.
Thanks Dr. Darryl Capson.
The way this country is headed
fits the shape of Italy now.
We need to forget the boots,
and bring the jobs back to war.
I've been around.
Ben Harson, he knows
how to America things the
right way.
He has money, like how I have
money, and he knows about brains.
Why shouldn't he be the one guy?
It beats me.
I support Ben Carson, because
he has big ideas
for a small...
( gags ) Not in my America.
We support Ben Carson, because--
( interposing voices ) for friends, and
I'm Ben Carson,
and I approve of this message.
Narrator: Dr. Bren Carpson,
because he has money,
and knows about brains, and
because kids...