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Oprah O'Neil conducts an investigative documentary that delves deep into the dark... more »
Published September 16, 2008 900 views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Director and Editor: Adrien Wayne Colón
Writer: Chaz
Cinematographer: Cisco Rivera
Gaffer: Rick Rivera
Special FX Make-up: Margaret Caragan
Costume Design: Alex Godinez & Margaret Caragan
Fight Choreography: Andrew Neis
Production Assistant: Maria Colón
Production Assistant: Stephanie Reyes
Oprah O'Neil: Taylor Hawthorne
Picasso: Alex Godinez
Leonardo: Lamont Young
Michaelangelo: Chaz
Donatello: Donald Lett
Raphael: Brad Carr
Splinter: Adrien Wayne Colón
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