Gwyneth Paltrow invites us into her home to check out Goop headquarters! Learn about her daily routine, diet, and more.

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Directed by: Lauren Garroni
Created by: Lauren Garroni and Whitney Rice


♪ [Music] ♪
Quinoa falafel with quinoa.
That was a good one Gwyn.
I'll make that tonight.
Hey there Goopettes.
It's Gwyneth Paltrow here.
I love kale.
I still love kale.
Now, over the years there's been
a lot of misinformation about
my lifestyle journal, as you know.
So, today I'm going to
give you an intimate look into Goop
HQ, which just happens to be my home.
So, let's go.
Other than raising two kids
better than you,
working out harder than you,
and starring in the occasional
movie, never like you, I consider
my main occupation Goop,
for you.
Today, I'm making a new rap
playlist for my website.
♪ Rolling down the street
Smoking on indoo ♪
♪ Sipping on gin and juice ♪
(Exhaling) Organic gin
and kale juice.
That is the perfect Goop cocktail.
Jay Z would love that.
Even though Chris and I decided
to consciously uncouple
our daughter's name
will still be Apple.
It's all good.
I love kale.
I haven't cut my hair since
I dated Brad Pitt.
You know, he got custody
of the pixie cut.
It's all good.
Goop. I almost said Goop.
It's all good.
Ever since I moved back to Los Angeles
I've rediscovered my love for
West Coast Rap.
I love kale.
It's not ready.
I love kale.
A lot has been said about my
diet, but I eat junk food too.
If you've gotten anything
from this video,
I hope it's that you see
I'm just like you.
I put on my Chanel jacket
one arm at time.
♪ [Music] ♪
(Muffled) Oh my gosh,
this is really good.
I could put this on my
body. It's so good.
No, this is Goop.
This is G--
You're not recording
this are you?
♪ [Music] ♪