Lady President does a trying on clothes montage!
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Additional Credits:
Becky Feldman - Lady President
Lesley Tsina - Chief of Staff
Producers - Courtney Davis & Picturebox Productions
Executive Producer - Darren Miller
Writers - Courtney Davis & Becky Feldman
Director - Courtney Davis
DP - David Layton
Camera/Lighting Assist - Madeline Packard
Art Director - Ellie del Campo
Art Assist - Michelle Dokos
Hair/Makeup - Molly Gardner
Sound - Nicholas Rumancik
PA - Kyle Cavazos
PA - Karolyn McKenzie
Editors - David Layton, Madeline Packard, Kevin Smith
GFX - Mike Nicholson, Madeline Packard
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Published: October 03, 2016

[female 1] Lady President,
even though you've erased
the national debt,
created full employment,
and established a colony on mars,
people still hate your
clothes and your face.
This one?
[ theme music ]
We're working on the face situation,
but as far as the clothes
we've put together a couple of outfits
to make you appear more likable.
♪ ♪
[ camera shutter clicks ]
[ multiple camera shutter clicks ]
None of those worked.
Your approval rating is
now negative 25.
Okay. Wow.
Why don't we regroup in about an hour
after I accept my Nobel Peace Prize?
Wearing that?
[ both laugh ]
[ camera shutter clicks ]