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September 09, 2010


Long ago in a peaceful mountaintop village Dr. Frankenstein created a Monster. But the Monster was lonely and wanted a friend. Much to his delight, the good Doctor gave him a Bride. History says she rejected him, much to her peril. But there's an old "cock n bull" story that says they spent one wild night together before all hell broke loose, and had a kid, who had a kid, who had a kid, who had a kid. Apparently the Monsters had quite the way with the ladies.

This, of course, infuriated Dr. Frankenstein. Two Monsters were bad enough, but now Monsters were making Monsters. To protect the Frankenstein name he vowed to destroy them all. And over the years that responsibility was passed down to his children and their children until there were no more Monsters. Peace returned to the villageā€¦

Or so they thought.

Many years later on a stormy night, one hell of a powerful lightning bolt strikes underneath the old laboratory ruins, waking the Bride from her one hundred year slumber. She's back and she wants her kid.

Things in the Village of Frankenstein will never be the same, nor for a mild-mannered plastic surgeon in New York City, who grew up as an orphan.