Let everyone know you have absolutely nothing to go home to.

Full Credits

"The Last One" - Danielle Lewis
Cute Guy - Dheeabe Donghrer
Strange, Wierdo Guy - Emmanuel Rumph
Bar Tender - Kalia Silva
Herica Thompson, Tanya Alexander, Kirk Bovil, (Party Goers); Stephanie Garma, Melissa Whitman (Extras)
Created/Written by - Peppur Chambers
Directed/Written by - Morenike Efuntade Evans
Edited by - Marc Gordon
Music by - Emmi Debeau
PA - Crescent Muhammad
Produced by: P. Chambers, M. Evans, Yasmine Richard, Yemi Adegbonmire for BGRLA Productions


Tip #1 Be The Last One At The Party
In your jovial effort to seem cute, bubbly and the life of the party, always make sure you are the last one at the party. Inadvertently, you will appear available yet desperate. The louder you laugh and the more men you talk to will make you seem more and more like you have nothing to go home to. As a result, you will attract all the single alien goons at the soiree much like rabid mice to a fermenting pile of garbage.