Heavy Metal Rendition of Take on Me by 80s Pop band Ah-Ha

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The music was performed, and (re)composed by guitarist
Thiabaud Vuille, from Paca, France. (http://www.myspace.com/darkrideband)
& keyboardist Victorino Perez Corona, from .Mexico. (http://www.myspace.com/victorinoperez),
and myself on Vocals, and backing vocal tracks.

This is an international collaboration of Metal Heads that
Im very proud to be part of. We have 5 more songs that I hope to release early next year but the guys are busy with their main projects so Im unsure if/when well be releasing the demo.

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Produced by Len Kabasinski from killerwolf films http://killerwolffilms.com

Film Edited by: Jereme Guidas: http://jeremeguidas.com/
Sara Brooks
http://www.myspace.com/divasarabrooks OR http://www.sarabrooks.com

Austin Goldberg (Drummer from Hell) played the bad guy.

Marissa Winzig The Waitress
Audra Stachura - Bar patron
Jean Fick go girl
Thanks Jim Calabrese (http://www.facebook.com/jimcalabrese2.0)
Reprographics (http://realestatesigns.com), for letting me use the shop for filming.

Thanks Mike from Chuggers, Jen the bar tender, the othe
dude, (Cant remember your name, but you were a trip thanks!), and other patrons who took part in the video. You guys are awesome!


Most importantly, thank you very much to the Robot! You are
a star, and I know you are busy with all your other projects. I really
appreciate you taking the time to be part of our video.