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Hey drankin buddeez, thits my furst ever bownus vidya! Knuckle knocks all around.... more »
Published February 10, 2011 140 views More Info »
Welcome back to How I Seize it
I'm Loretta Jenkins, your host...
But before I start bitchin' about the bitch
I'm gonna bitch about...
I got a little bit of Loretta advice
for my beloved drankin' buddies.
If y'all ever gets gum stuck in your hair...
And uh, uh...
I drank some PGA the other night-
Don't never drank no PGA
and try cuttin' it out by yourself.
I don't think I done so good.
I needed to ask my drankin' buddies a favor.
Y'all can post on it please,
cause I think I fucked up my hair.
So y'all post please
and tell me the truth.
I don't want y'all just sayin'
what y'all think I wanna hear.
And I ain't kiddin'-
I want y'all to tell me.
For real, I need to know.
Now, now tell me the truth.
Does my hair-
And I want y'all to post.
Does this look bad?
For real, I'm serious.
I don't think I did a very good job on mine.
Does this hole look too big?
Can you tell?
I hope y'all say no.
But, my hair grows fast,
but it feels kindly like I took
too big of a knot out of it.
Don't never drink no PGA
and try to cut gum out of your hair.
Well that's How I Seize It.

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