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Jeff Goldblum was the only late add for Coachella and as always he showed the... more »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring: Jeff Goldblum - piano
Timothy Emmons - bass
Ralph Moore - sax
Kenton Youngstrom - guitar
Gerryck King - drums
Narrator: Joel Spence
Featuring: Alex Fernie, Nate Shelkey
Written by Alex Fernie
Executive Producer Mike Farah
Produced by Ally Hord, Cale Hartmann
Directed by Brad Schulz
DP - Brad Schulz
Camera op - Brian Lane
Sound - Bo Town Sound/Bo Sundberg
Make up: Kat Bardot
Edited by Brian Lane
PAs - Alistair Walford, Max Elfeldt
Special Thanks: John Mastro, Blue Palmoutsos, Justin Ferriera, Viet