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Full Credits

Starring: Jeff Goldblum - piano
Timothy Emmons - bass
Ralph Moore - sax
Kenton Youngstrom - guitar
Gerryck King - drums
Narrator: Joel Spence
Featuring: Alex Fernie, Nate Shelkey
Written by Alex Fernie
Executive Producer Mike Farah
Produced by Ally Hord, Cale Hartmann
Directed by Brad Schulz
DP - Brad Schulz
Camera op - Brian Lane
Sound - Bo Town Sound/Bo Sundberg
Make up: Kat Bardot
Edited by Brian Lane
PAs - Alistair Walford, Max Elfeldt
Special Thanks: John Mastro, Blue Palmoutsos, Justin Ferriera, Viet


♪ [music] ♪
Male Narrator: The Beatles at Shea,
Live Aid.
These were music events
that defined generations,
but one rises above
all the others.
April 16, 2011,
an event that
changed the world.
Now in 2036, we take a look back
on the 25th anniversary of
Goldblum at Coachella.
In the early 21st Century, the
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
was one of America's premiere
festivals for music and
grinding against strangers
in a dance tent at 2 PM,
but in 2011, it became
something more.
Jeff Goldblum: Hello.
♪ [music] ♪
Jeff Goldblum: My name is Jeff Goldblum,
Jeff Goldblum: and we're going to play
a little music for you.
Narrator: No one knew
where he came from.
No one knew why
he was there,
but there he was,
and he brought a
jazz band with him.
Male Voice: I was there, yeah.
I was seeing
Arcade Fuhrer,
Kanye Vest,
or one of those other groups
lost of the sands of time,
but the thing that
sticks with me,
I can still here Jeff
Goldblum's jazzy grooves
calling out to me.
Man that guy
could scat.
♪ [singing] ♪
Narrator: In this previously
unseen footage we get a
glimpse of Goldblum before
he started his faithful set.
Male Interviewer: Hey Jeff, what
are you going to play up there?
Jeff Goldblum: Um, I don't know. We're to
going to just...improvise.
Jeff Goldblum: You know, we do
spontaneous things.
Jeff Goldblum: Is there a churro stand
around here?
Jeff Goldblum: I'd love a churro.
Male Interviewer: I'm not sure.
Jeff Goldblum: Really?
Jeff Goldblum: Let me see if I can--
Male Voice: Until Goldblum
came to Coachella
no one had ever played jazz
at the camp grounds of a
rock concert.
But that's exactly
what he did.
I mean, it was revolutionary.
Narrator: Word about
Goldblum's performance spread.
Soon traffic was snarled for
miles as Goldblum fans,
or Brundle Flyers as they
came to be known, swarm to Indio.
We come by, like randomly,
and we like see Jeff Goldblum
tickling the ivories, and
we're like, this is sick.
So we went up there,
and we like rocked it.
We were chilling'.
We were hanging out.
It seemed like jazz.
I don't know what he was saying,
but it felt like it was jazz.
I don't know.
Narrator: The legacy of
that day lives on.
Now in 2036 even the word
Goldblum has been excepted
into the Oxford English
Narrator: Not long after
his performance,
Jeff Goldblum built a
spaceship from scratch,
and flew away.
Male Voice: Holy shit.
Narrator: It seemed a fitting end for
a man who could do anything.
He truly was too good
for this planet.
Male Voice: There will never be another
performance like that ever,
just, there never will.
Jazz finds a way.
Male Voice: I'm just happy to have
seen it, you know.
I mean, it's Goldblum, man
Jeff motherfuckin' Goldblum.
♪ [Jurassic Park theme] ♪