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May 16, 2013


the solen hex :
hey jonah hex, what is that?.

girls :
hey jonah hex. who are you doing.
has this hire. you work at the to the?.
saloon room. you see is bartender.

jonah hex :
hey girls and mom. please this for hire
for need to money at the saloon room.
you something this at the to hire for to
job in bartender.

brother's jonah hex :
hey mom. you're this hire. at the
saloon room. tomorrow?.

jonah hex :
hey mom,daughter,brother and solen hex. what
this go to the bartender. please tomorrow. you
this selecting from to the become to job in working?.

jonah hex :
oh my god. this clock time in 10am. please hurry
up. friends jonah hex. this select find a job or to
is bartender,babysitter or karoke man?.

brother's jonah hex :
hey jonah hex. who are you doing. you select this
for hire. to bartender,babysitter or karoke man?. please
comment below. and watch show to new series in the.
jonah hex for hire on family antonigames TV. 21th may.

narrator :
jonah hex for hire. coming soon on
youtube and funny or die channel.