A song about a glory hole

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June 07, 2009


Verse 1:

The rain outside hides the tears in my eyes
It was just last night I lost the love of my life
She broke up with me so to ease the pain
I need to get laid cause Im going insane

Wander the streets all the bars are closed
But I dont wanna pay for overpriced hos
This homeless guy pulled me aside
Said he could see the pain behind my eyes

Took me to a magic wall
Guaranteed to cure my blue balls
He said to me between the swigs of gin
You see that hole? Now you stick it in


Glory hole, whats on the other side?
Glory hole, waiting for my big surprise

I close my eyes, imagine her face
Shooting my love all over the place

Verse 2:

Its my hearts desire, the yearning my soul
Now everything I look at could be a glory hole

A knot if a fence
Letters O, Q, and D
Tailpipe of a car
Or a block of Swiss cheese

A tear in a tent
A rip in a sheet
Chocolate bunt cake
The drain of a sink

I quit my job, I don't call any friends
Just need a place to insert my bell end

Verse 3:

She could be a milf or a big busty blonde
Sexy brunette taking all of my schlong
Asian twins or your mom in the nude
A hot porno start

Or it might be a dude
Hey, yo man, there's a dude behind there

Chorus (extra lines):

Glory hole, bad time to have to pee
Glory hole, Ill probably get an STD


Copyright 2009