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On the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, the Habsburg family, of the... more »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Return of the Habsburgs - Credits
Johnny Magnum John J. Lund
Melisha Nansi Nsue
King Habsburg Hanno Weiss
Dornbirn Lions As themselves:
Timur Bas
Dominik Jussel
David Kern
Diedo Ladstätter
Omar Samassa
Ashton Smith
Fabio Söhnel
Colonel Alistair Macnaughtan
King’s Assistant Romana Konzett
Handsome Habsburg Prince Stephan Winder
US Army Soldier Daniel Egger
Black Dragon Daniel Stampfl
Dirndl Warrior Princess Hannah Kabelka
Yodeling Guard Matthias Metzner
Intelligent Guard Martin Schorn
Kebab Man Jordi Asensio
Dancing Dirndl Girl Belinda Weiss
Lions Mascot Thomas Fehr
Ms Nsue’s body double Stefanie Weisseisen
Screenplay John J. Lund
Director John J. Lund
Producer John J. Lund
Director of Photography Hansjoerg Kapeller
Editor Hansjoerg Kapeller
Music Hansjoerg Kapeller
Script Queen Nina Hofer
Camera Hero Konstantin Ammann
Postproduction Wizards Hansjoerg Kapeller
Konstantin Ammann
Awesome Helper Thomas Fehr
Filmed in Vorarlberg, Austria...without a tax credit...and without a proper budget.
Shot with love on Canon EOS 7D and 5D
Chopped and screwed in Final Cut Pro
Special Thanks:
Love Kebab 2 (Lustenau, Austria) and Gökhan Celebi
Schattenburg Castle (Feldkirch, Austria)
Wolfgang Hinterholzer and the Feldkirch Mafia
Christian Türtscher – Schuhplatter dance choreography
Markus Mittelberger and the Dornbirn Lions
Harald Folladori and Black Dragon KSU, Bregenz, Austria
Roman Lässer – Fight choreography
The good people of Vorarlberg, Austria – Someday Hochdeutsch speakers will understand the local dialect
Friends and family
The Habsburgs
The President of the United States of America
Freedom lovers everywhere

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