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Full Credits

Music by:
Deadeye Dick "New Age Girl" (special thanks to Caleb Guillotte & Mark Adam Miller)
Fatty Lumpkin "Acid, Pot and Pills" "Master" (special thanks to Ladi Kolsky & Craig Nelson)
Orelipoiss "Kole On Olla" (special thanks to Jaan Pehk & Maris Salumets)
Seeburg 1000 industrial series "Holiday for Strings"
Additional film and video footage by:
Andrew Eagan, Alisa Hamilton, Colin Stanhill "How My Boyfriend Totally Botched His Coke Deal and Took it Out On Me"
Št?pán Fok Vodrážka "Der Film Festival 09 trailer" "Becherovka Lemond TVC"
Z. Lee "More Than Real Brothers" "In the Eighteenth Hour" "The Last of Her Kind" "National Theatre" "Break"
Photo sequences by Z. Lee and Angelos Papadopoulos
Additional photos from Vitek Linhart, Sam Kim, and Manu Coloma
Selected scenes from UNCLENCH! directed by Zi Lee & Andrey Volkashin, shot by Angelos Papdopoulos & Tine Potocnik
Kickstarter intro footage directed & sound recorded by Rolando Garduño, shot by Yi?it ?ener
Video edited by Zi Lee and Rolando Garduño