Ryan tries his luck in the City of Spin, exploring the Las Vegas Strip on the hunt for a professional prastitute.


- Holy Aaron Paul, I'm in Las Vegas, city of spin.
Let's go see if we can smooch a prastitite,
and have a good time.
(funky music)
Holy snopes, would you look at the size of this pirate boat.
They say its 100 feet big, and it sinks
if you don't believe in Christ.
$3 for craps, I just took a free one!
Are you joking my ass, you're gonna get all wet!
Look into my ass.
I'm in front of the Las Vegas shower mountain.
I wish I brought my rubber duck.
Are you joking my ass, this one'll do.
Whoa baby boy, I'm at the famous Las Vegas
My ass doesn't deserve it.
Well this part of town really stinks.
This must be why.
Seven frogs.
Ribbish ribbish.
Toly Crobus, look at the size of those hooters.
Those would be awesome to touch.
Here's a statue of me with my parents.
Well ducks, you better be careful,
there's a couple of hungry ass tunafish coming to get ya!
Are you joking my ass?
They got a manument of Santa Claus and his disciples.
It's pretty crazy crap.
The heck is this?
- [Man] Yours.
- Are you joking my ass?
Aw, no no no no no.
Holy snopes, look at the size of that Empire State Building.
They say it's 100 feet tall and when you get to the top,
you'll wish you hadn't.
Well this day has been a pretty big Wynn.
Get your stuff outta my ass,
look at the delts on this friggin' moose.
Holy snopes, I'm at the fellatio fountains.
They should be going off right about now.
They got a giant remote control, what am I in TV, TV, world?
Whoa baby boy, Game of Thrones!
New York City, I thought I was in Lost Bagels.
I'm losing my ass.
Are you joking my ass?
They got a giant statue of Listerine.
They say she's 100 feet tall
and she's addicted to cigarillos.
Get out of my ass at once.
Holy snopes, look at the size of this badger.
They say he's 100 feet tall
and he thinks Sein-field was overrated.
Are you joking my ass?
If I had an M&M that big I'd get danabatrus.
Oh chilly willy, I wouldn't mind kissin' some of those boys.
Man did I have a good time here in Last Paynus.
That is why they call it the city of brotherly love.
It even was the best day of my whole life.
(funky music)