The original Monster Mash was too hardcore for most people to handle.

Full Credits

Starring - Nick Wiger, Roger Barr, Ryan Mirvis, Dana DeArmond, Dax Herrera, Joe Uhlarik, Bob Turton, George Ouzounian, Cherie Thibodeax, Nort Mahoney, Chris Liliedahl, James Ross, Al Romero, Javier Ortiz, Vern "Tats" Middleton, Joey Clift, Anthony Bishop, Meghan Parks, Angela Trimbur, Scott Rodgers, Blake Walker, Brynna Campbell, and Gian Molina.
Written by Nick Wiger
Directed by Justin Donaldson
Music by Michael Cassady
Director of Photography - Brian Lane
Gaffer - Aaron Ulrich
Grips - Matt Konopka & David Kazmierski
Production Designer - Ellie del Campo
Art Director - Martin Vallejo
Costume Designer - Alisha Silverstein
Hair and Make Up- Kat Bardot
Assistant Hair and Make Up - Alyssa Morgan
Production Coordinator - Alistair Walford
APOC - Andrew Grissom
Voice Over - Joel Spence
Effects - Andy Maxwell
Edited by Justin Donaldson
Producer - Sean Boyle
Stills - Brad Webb
Special Thanks - Brian Cooperman, Katherine Rohrbacher, Peter Cameron, Nathan Gotsch
Dedicated to the loving memory of Bobby "Boris" Pickett

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October 27, 2011