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Full Credits

Starring: Josh Spurgin as Seth, Joe Heath as Bob and the Announcers, Vincent E.L. as Nick, Jillanna Babb-Cheshul as Bethany, Brad Heath as Death and the Zombie, Ray Friesen as Gary, Jez Layman as Random Person, Daniel McCulloch as Kid #3, Lizzie McCulloch as Kid #1, Samuel McCulloch as Kid #2, Rachel Erin Scott as Kid #4, Jamie Spurgin as Deadpan Actor, Lewis Lovhaug ( ) as The Host, Dennie Eugene Thompson III as Roger, Hope Heath as Mall Woman, Helen Hamilton as Opening Credits Victim, and Joshua Wooten as Additional Voice in Crowd.
Death Shemp: Joe Heath.
Peeing into toilet by Twitterdj.
Mon Anon, Cool Science and Lizzy Winters logo by Ray Friesen.
Camera Operators: Joe Heath, Brad Heath, Hope Heath, Josh Spurgin, and Bruce Scott.
Mic Operators: Joe Heath, Brad Heath, Hope Heath, and Josh Spurgin.
Executive Producer: Joe Heath.
Producer: Brad Heath.
Opening Theme by Vincent E.L.
Closing Theme by Joe Heath and Brad Heath.
Additional music by Vincent E.L.
Written and Edited by Joe Heath and Vincent E.L.
Directed by Joe Heath.