Finally, the mystery behind the lyrics to Rebecca Black's Friday will be revealed to the world.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring: Rebecca Black
Written by: Ryan Perez
DP: Brian Lane
Grip: Elliot Dickerhoof
Sound: Steve Pallow
Edited by: Ryan Perez
Produced by: Allison Hord, Anna Wenger
Make up by: Julianne Kaye
Special Thanks: Georgina Marquez Kelly, Debra Baum, Tony Novia

Lyrics: It's Friday. Friday. Black Friday.
(upbeat music)
Rebecca: People just don't get it.
They just really don't get the song.
I'm surprised when people
hear my song Friday,
and think it's just some breezy pop song.
Lyrics: Getting down on Friday.
Rebecca: The writers Clair
and Shane [unintelligible]
Wilson really layered the song
with a lot of hidden meaning,
and I really don't think
people pick up on it
the first time they hear it.
What drew me to the song is
that it comes from a really
deep and really painful place.
Lyrics: Gotta have my
bowl. Gotta have cereal.
Seeing everything the time is going to ...
Rebecca: Gotta have my
bowl. Gotta have cereal.
That line, that line is about consumerism.
I got to have my bowl.
I got to have my cereal.
We can't live without these
things in modern society,
and for some people, it's a mortgage,
and others, it's a bowl of cereal.
Lyrics: Kicking in my front seat. Kicking
in my back seat. Gotta make my mind up.
Rebecca: Well the choice between
the front seat and the back seat
is actually a metaphor for
American Foreign Policy.
Front seat Afghanistan, back seat Iraq.
We got to make our mind up.
Lyrics: Everybody's looking
forward to the weekend.
Rebecca: Looking forward
to the weekend is really
about the broken promises
to a generation the
current economic climate. Weekend is
a metaphor for financial stability.
Knowing assure that stability ...
do I have to spell it our for you.
What a lot of people don't
realize about Friday,
is that a lot of the lyrics
was written in quotation marks.
So, it's not really meant to sound
like party and parting, yeah,
it's more like party and parting. Yeah.
I like to challenge my audience.
I'm really influenced my
Tori Amos, Leonard Cohen,
and a lot of beat poets. The other
thing people don't realize about Friday,
is that it pulls from
a relationship of mine.
The entire song is about Dave Coulier.
I've never met Dave Coulier,
but I watch Full House a lot
and I just never liked
his character uncle Joey.
(upbeat music)