Fruist Killer
Published March 01, 2014 230 views More Info ยป
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Additional Credits:
Concept, Writing, Visual Effects:Fatmir Varaku
Actor:Jean Claude Van Damme
Thank to:Funny or Die
Hollywood Camera Work
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Published: March 01, 2014

Based on a true story

In this tale, we will tell you a story about a man called Van Damme.

He is a beloved man with the others and very funny.

But, what is his real profession?

He is a

Van Damme is merciless

He fought everywhere

He became more and more advanced every day

But one day something unexpected happened

When he reached to the fruit kingdom and wanted to destroy everything, he met a beautiful girl.

And the fruit caught him in surprise.

It is true that Van Damme lost his battle for the first time, but he found love.