this has from. parianto antonigames said. from to the in. for president of... more »
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Published: April 15, 2013
narrator :
this from big announcement. ended electron
for adolf hitler was losing. and finally. at the
this for featuring. parianto antonigames said.
at the stadium. at the nazi germany.

narrator :
and finally. this from ended electron in yea
. from to president of non-nazi germany.
parianto antonigames said.


parianto antonigames said :
hello. my name is parianto antonigames said. this
new year. without nazi party. from to the president
germany. name. parianto antonigames said. the best
of the every. in the world. do you that this say about

parianto antonigames said :
has do not drink said. for without adolf hitler was
failed to electron. has changes president of the in
germany. has need for use drink said!?.


narrator :
this before world war II. has for attack to the
united states. and then. has germany winner.
in year 1945. oh no. you stupid her this there.
for five gays one little girls. ha ha ha ha ha.