Dumpie was a lovable 80's children's tv program host. He had a heck of a... more »

Full Credits

Cast: David Lahti
Director: Sean Stanley
Story Idea: Dwayne Lachance
Writers: Dwayne Lachance, Sean Stanley, David Lahti
Producer: Mark Potter
2010 Rakehell Row Productions

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June 24, 2010


Dumpie the Bear's show intro. "Who's the bear with the golden hair? Dumpie! Dumpie! Who's your friend until the end? Dumpie! Dumpie! D-U-M-P-I-E! I love you and you love me... hopefully... Dumpie!" "I remember the limos. Someone sees a limo pull up and they know someone successful is inside. There's someone successful right there. That's me, Chancey. But this story is not about me, it's about my best friend, Dumpie the Bear." Dumpie and Chancey arrive in a limo, to a fan-filled crowd. "That man had all the success in the world, and unfortunately, too much of the excess. Things started out innocently enough, a few beers here and there with friends." Dumpie the Bear goes to beer store. All booze-hell breaks loose.