Tensions run high as the judges battle over which of the remaining eight contestants they must cut.

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Male Narrator: Coming up on Boy Search.
Chamberlain Kurto: No, I'm on
your side.
Armen Weitzman: Shouldn't we
have a time out?
Joe Hartzler: Welcome to Boy Search.
These are the final 8.
[Theme Music]
Joe Hartzler: In the next room, the judges
are in the midst of an
Joe Hartzler: intense deliberation to
decide which of these
Joe Hartzler: boys will make it
in the band.
Chamberlain Kurto: Well, how I'm choosing who
I want to be in the band
Chamberlain Kurto: is if they're boy band material,
and if they're a good singer.
Armen Weitzman: I think I'm judging them
based on rather we create magic.
Armen Weitzman: Let's check out Dom, and
see how you feel about him now.
Dom: I'm Dom Cadiz from the
island of Guam. I'm 23 years old.
Dom: I can harmonize really
well. I blend really well.
I dance. I sing. I write.
I do everything. So, I'm just
like, why not? You know?
Chamberlain Kurto: Okay, is this just me,
or does he seem--
Caroline Mehki: A little in to himself?
Chamberlain Kurto: Yes.
Nay Nay Kirby: You have to separate
being into yourself, and
Nay Nay Kirby: having confidence.
Chamberlain Kurto: I'd rather the band be without
Dom from Guam, but--
Nay Nay Kirby: No, Nick needs to be in it.
Male Narrator: While
Chamberlain might not like
Dom from Guam, but what
about Carlo in college.
Well, my father, he's not
really that supportive, I can
say about my music. He wants
me to do the whole business
thing, and a be a big CEO
someday. I think when you
just want to follow your
heart, it's really hard
to follow other
people's aspirations.
Female Speaker: Is he
wearing orange lipstick?
Armen Weitzman: That guy is so full
of himself. I was kidding.
Chamberlain Kurto: Are you serious?
Armen Weitzman: That was a joke.
ch: Wait, are you kidding me?
He was so not into himself.
Chamberlain Kurto: He was so not boy
band material.
Armen Weitzman: Guys, that's why I said I was kidding.
Chamberlain Kurto: He is not conceited. He's good
looking. He plays the guitar.
Caroline Mehki: I mean, if we get
those eyebrows fixed.
Armen Weitzman: What?
Male Speaker: But now there's
a boy with perfect brows.
I currently perform and write
music for a living.
Part-time, I'm at Disneyland.
Cody: Judges, I hope you think
that I am fit to be apart
of this boy band.
I don't know. What do I want to
say to teenage girls man?
Armen Weitzman: But are you guys feeling that
you like him as much
Armen Weitzman: as the old days?
Chamberlain Kurto: What do you mean
the old days?
Chamberlain Kurto: What's that supposed
to mean.
Armen Weitzman: Well, I mean, he definitely
has a strong voice, and
Armen Weitzman: h-he's a boy...
Male Narrator: While Cody
might be a boy, but is
this next boy the boy
they're looking for.
I'm Nick Fink. I am from
Fargo, North Dakota, and
I'm a boy. I did audition for
American Idol a couple
years back, Season 10 I think,
and we're hoping
this time it goes
better, I guess.
[Nick is Singing]
♪ How I wonder
what you are ♪
Nay Nay Kirby: To me, he sounds
like Michael Bublé.
Caroline Mehki: My grandmother
listens to Michael Bublé.
Armen Weitzman: He's got a really
good personality.
Armen Weitzman: He's got a silly
side to him.
Caroline Mehki: And he's so nice.
Out there, he was the one that
Caroline Mehki: called me beautiful.
Armen Weitzman: So he called you
beautiful, and that's
Armen Weitzman: why you like him?
Male Narrator: Flattery may
get you everywhere, but
does our next boy
have what it takes?
Well, I've been singing for
like my whole life.
My first few words I sung.
Chesney: When I was a sophomore,
as soon as I moved out here,
I kind of made a pledge to
myself, so I got a purity
ring, and I've been sticking
to the rules, you know.
No sex before marriage.
Actually I haven't even
kissed a girl yet. So, please
pick me for the
boy band. I mean, it's like
hanging out with dudes,
and singing in like harmony,
and dancing together.
I can't think of anything
more fun.
Armen Weitzman: I think Chesney has
a good attitude.
Chamberlain Kurto: I think he's absolutely
boy band material.
Armen Weitzman: He's got a good dancing style
where he's free and flowing.
Caroline Mehki: He actually can dance.
I looked that up.
Nay Nay Kirby: He's a potential dancer.
Armen Weitzman: You looked it up?
Caroline Mehki: I looked up that one,
that one, and that one.
Nay Nay Kirby: You Googled them?
Male Narrator: Caroline has been
doing some boy searching
on her off time, but is this next
boy the boy they've
been searching for.
I'm Alex Delbanc.
I'm 18 years old.
I live in Redondo Beach.
I currently go to Santa Monica
Community College, and I've
been singing my entire life.
I hope that you
guys pick me.
Armen Weitzman: Alex. And this was the
young shy boy?
Caroline Mehki: The fetus?
Chamberlain Kurto: No.
Armen Weitzman: That's your nickname
for him?
Nay Nay Kirby: It's like that soft,
kind of, like shy.
Armen Weitzman: I think we're going to put
a cool star by his name.
Male Narrator: Armen's been
making stars, but is this
next boy a star,
or just a boy?
I don't really listen to
hardly any music, because
I have this belief that
because I'm a song writer
it sort of like clouds my own
music that I produce
in my head, randomly
throughout the day.
Chamberlain Kurto: I don't like him.
Nay Nay Kirby: He rarely looked up to
make eye contact with us.
Male Narrator: Thomas didn't
make eye contact, but our
next boy made football contact
on the football field.
I played football my whole life.
I played since I was
seven. So fifteen years of
football. I came out here
about 2 months ago, you know,
just getting the ball rollin'.
Am I trying to be a
professional singer?
No. No. I am not trying to
be a professional singer,
but if it happened, I
definitely wouldn't be
against it by
any means.
Armen Weitzman: I farted.
Caroline Mehki: Whoa.
Nay Nay Kirby: Guys, his voice
is amazing.
Armen Weitzman: Yeah. I think he's
wonderful, beautiful.
Caroline Mehki: Chamberlain?
Chamberlain Kurto: Caroline.
Caroline Mehki: Chamberlain?
Chamberlain Kurto: Caroline.
Chamberlain Kurto: I think he's a good singer,
but...I don't know.
Chamberlain Kurto: I'm just iffy.
Male Narrator: And things
are heating up at the
judges table.
Armen Weitzman: Aren't some of these guys very
similar here? Isn't this
Armen Weitzman: boring to you guys?
Caroline Mehki: What do you mean,
like look wise?
Caroline Mehki: That's like One Direction.
They all look different, but they're all
Caroline Mehki: beautiful. So if they all look
different and beautiful, then...
Armen Weitzman: What about those
guys and Jordan?
Chamberlain Kurto: Do we all like him?
Armen Weitzman: These guys...ah,
forget it, you girls.
Nay Nay Kirby: Why are we all
ruling out Dom?
Chamberlain Kurto: Because
he's conceited.
Chamberlain Kurto: No. I'm on your side. He just
has this conceited sense
Chamberlain Kurto: about him.
Armen Weitzman: Okay, well it
looks like we're not in
Armen Weitzman: agreement, and it looks like the
four of us are going to have some
Armen Weitzman: real thinking to do, in our
beds sleeping, wondering,
who's people's dreams are
going to give, and who's
we will crush.
Male Narrator: Next week
on Boy Search. It's the
sudden death
sing-off showdown.
Some boys will be cut.