Exclusive footage of the birth of Matthew's son

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Starring Joey Kern

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July 24, 2008


[heart monitor beeps]
Alright, alright, alright baby
If the contractions are starting to heat up
and that tells me
It's baby time
But do not you worry I'm going to be right
here between your legs the entire time
Providing comfort and some Brazilian music
on my iPod. Alright?
[Brazilian music plays]
Yeah. Ooh, there we go.
Now you're feeling it
now you're getting into it
Alright, now we're doing a little family movement
Uh-oh, baby's coming.
Everyone we need a sterile working
environment, alright?
Shirts off
We're getting tribal on this shit, know what I'm sayin'
We're going to dance that thing right
out of your copacabana, know what i'm sayin'
[drums sound]
Hey, ya'll get in here
Get your beat on this, c'mon.
Get your hand on this beat
MD we're going to need 2 epidurals stat
for my lady, and one for myself so
I can chillax and feel the music
[drums sound]
Hey those epidurals come in Mojito
Hey baby, I invited some brothers over
to check out this miracle
Check it out guys
[sound of drinking and cans opening]
Anybody want to touch it
I do - get in there.
Touch that head, your the first one.
- Oooh
[drums sound]
Hey lance it's me Matthew, yeah, how are you?
[drums sound]
Come here little man
Let me check
Look at that little pecker
I was that small once
If you can believe it
Nobody tells you this, but having a baby is a bloody,
pukey, sweaty, primeval thing
And i mean that as a beautiful thing
[sound of a can opening]
Alright, alright, alright
[Brazilian music plays]