It’s never too late to start over in life, unless you're Marty.

Full Credits

Writer/Director - Mitch Cohen
Writer/Producer - Brian Lerner
Editors - Brian Lerner, Whitfield Scheidegger
DP - Dan Schmeltzer
1st AD - Gabi Ilioiu
1st AC - Karson Holbrook
Gaffer - Nathan Meade
Key Grip - Ursula Loscalzo
Production Designer - Adri Siriwatt
Sound Mixer - Robben Fenderson
Executive Producer - Darren Miller
Marty - David Lautner
Doctor - Kosha Patel
Crazy Girl - Erin Darling
Receptionist- Hilary Barraford
Maintenance Person - Umberto Celisano
Phone Guy - Matt Wyatt
Petition Extra #1 - Josh Burnell
Petition Extra #2 - Candi Bartlett
Petition Guy - Gregg Martin
Nurse - Nikki McKenzie
Orderly - James Lewis
Car Crash Woman - Taquita Love

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August 11, 2017


- I have your results.
- It's bad isn't it?
- You only have five more minutes left to live.
- What? Five months to live? That can't be right.
- It's not.
I said minutes.
- What?
Five minutes?
How is that even possible?
- There's literally not enough time to explain it to you.
- I always thought I'd have more time.
To make a difference.
To be remembered you know?
- Okay.
- I've squandered my entire existence.
What should I do?
- Live.
Just do it in the next four minutes and 27 seconds.
(dramatic music)
- Nope, I'm busy at line two.
- Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!
- Would you like to make a follow up appointment?
- Marty Green is gonna matter
in this world before he's gone.
Gotta make every second count. Yeah, okay.
Come on! Down, down, down, down, down!
And nothing's gonna stop him!
- Sorry bro,
gotta stop ya.
- What? No, no, no, no, no!
Damn it! Go!
- Okay, shut 'er down Pete.
- Okay. (breathes heavily)
(dramatic music)
(sensual music)
- Look, I know this sounds crazy but,
when I saw you just now, I...
I felt something. And I like--
- Say no more.
I've seen the future.
You're the one.
- Really? (laughs)
- Perseus get her back to the psych ward!
- He's the one, he's from the future!
He'll save us from the cyborgs!
(rapid drumming)
- Yeah, I'm looking forward to that too.
It's gonna be great, alright.
I love you mom.
I'll talk to you soon.
Okay. Okay, yeah. Okay.
- Sorry.
- Guys got my phone!
Did anyone see that!
- Hi, mom? It's me.
So, yada, yada, yada, I'm about to die.
I just wanted to tell you that I know
you never had it easy, and made sacrifices.
And I know you did the best you could
to make me feel special.
I love you.
It's your son!
No! Ma!
It's your other son!
(frustrated exclamation)
- Sign a petition, make a difference.
- Thanks for your service.
I'll be dead in about 45 seconds, can you believe it?
Good luck.
- Thank you sir.
- Yeah.
- And Hitler thanks you too.
- What? Hitler?
(dramatic music)
- (gasps) One thing Marty. Come on.
Be remembered for one damn thing.
(dramatic music rises)
- (speaks in slow motion)
- That man is a hero!
(cameras clicking)
- Marty..
(dramatic music)
- No, that's bad.
That's tough.
Doesn't sound pretty.
Oof, I feel ya.
And, I will leave you with that information.
That's gotta be rough.
- [Male] Cut!
- That's a cut.
- That was great.