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October 19, 2016


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Ben Schwartz: Hey, look at all my friends.
I'm Ben Schwartz.
Ben Schwartz: I'm very famous,
because of my many TV shows,
and other forms of popular art,
Ben Schwartz: but what I want to talk about
right now is my favorite
Ben Schwartz: state in the entire world,
Ben Schwartz: Go Badgers! And for good reason.
It's known as America's dairy land, okay.
Ben Schwartz: Wisconsin produces
% of the country's milk.
Ben Schwartz: If you're lactose intolerant,
you are like, "I don't care."
Ben Schwartz: But if you're not you're like,
"Oh my God!"
Ben Schwartz: Once you're hopped up on calcium,
head on over to the Harley-Davidson factory.
Ben Schwartz: Take a tour.
Ben Schwartz: Did you know, DYK,
that in Wisconsin you can also
Ben Schwartz: vote in the upcoming
Presidential election.
Ben Schwartz: Whaaat? How is that possible?
I'm-I'm not kidding.
Ben Schwartz: When you're done checking out
the latest aviation technology
Ben Schwartz: with your fellow aerobatic enthusiasts,
and the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh,
Ben Schwartz: you can cast a
vote for what is...
Ben Schwartz: surely the most important
election of our life time.
Ben Schwartz: It is important that everybody
takes a break from partially
Ben Schwartz: owning the
Green Bay Packers to go to
Ben Schwartz:
and find your local polling station.
Ben Schwartz: I know it sounds insane,
why is Funny or Die helping
you out with polling
Ben Schwartz: and telling you where to vote
and giving you information like that?
Ben Schwartz: That's as crazy as a small
cheese shop opening next to the
Ben Schwartz: Mars Cheese Castle off
of I-94, but then again
Ben Schwartz: take a gander at the Bobby Nelson
Cheese Shop just up the road.
Ben Schwartz: What an underdog story.
Ben Schwartz: You can register November 4th
in person or right on election day
Ben Schwartz: which is November 8th.
Check out more info online, because in
Ben Schwartz: some counties early
voting has already begun.
Ben Schwartz: Don't forget, okay?
Ben Schwartz: Otherwise you're banned
from eating bratwurst forever.
♪ ♪