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Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
LUCKY Creates…
Paula Deen's Best Delicious
Cooking With Hitler
Skip Pipo
Adolf Hitler
and introducing
Lucky Mor
as Paula Deen
Executive Producer
Lucky Mor
Associate Producers
Ixia McGee
Stephen Ling
Line Producer
Ronald Trevino
Creator, Writer, and Director
Lucky Mor
Director of Cinematography, Co-Director
Stephen Ling
Cornelius Moore III
Set Design
Ixia Nandina
Camera Operators
Stephen Ling
Ruddy Anthony Salazar
Sound Design
Ronald Trevino
Boom Microphone
Daniel H. Kim
Ronald Trevino
Hair and Make-up
Ixia Nandina
Production Assistants
Alexander Youn
Devon Ogden
Dominique Redmond
Cornelius Moore III
Stephen Ling
Youn for letting us take over his
apartment. The shoot MVP Stephen Ling and
the entire cast and crew who gave their time and
talents! You made me feel so honored and blessed to
have you.
Special thanks and respect to
Paula Deen & the Deen Bros, your American dream inspired me to
go for mine.
Love and best dishes, LUCKY
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