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Man I new i shoulda banned yungins frum my trailor park. They all nassy and germ,... more »
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Loretta Jenkins here,
preacher of the gospel
at your service.
To talk some sense into y'all
before we get sucked up in this hellhole.
That influenza is a'comin'!
I got a little touch of it right now.
Little hot toddy here make it feel better.
I got a little hot tank comin' over here late
and by god I'm gonna be ready.
It's gonna take some doins, but-
Now y'all know they is a lotta talk
on diseases out there.
Now I ain't talkin' about the Pig Flu
or the Bird Sneeze
or whatever's killin' the Bees Knees.
Geez Peez Louise.
I'm here to talk about the biggest threat
to our human immunity-
I'm makin' up all kinds of shit right now.
To our very existence.
Rich people.
That's right.
You heard it.
We gettin' ready to declare a class warfare
on them uppity, no-tax-payin'
Country clubbers, jet setters,
Limo-drivin', fish egg eaten',
fancy champagne swillin'
Park Avenue sumbitches!
Your days is numbered, Moneybags.
Cause if we don't do somethin' about it right now
We gonna end up in the damn Hunger Games.
Fuck! Can you believe that shit movie was right after all?
Shit, what do I know?
So, in case you poor and dumb,
Fluenza is like the technical word
What explains that Rich Folks is up here
and Poor Folk is down there.
And Iffluenza is what it mean
all in the two of them.
In America,
there ain't even no American dream no more.
Cause the top, the first percent
got all of the money
and the bottom 99 got all they debt!
And then them assholes in Washington,
they just keep raisin' up the ceilin'
so they can get all the money
and not pay no more taxes.
And keep us as they slaves.
Wake up!
I'm tellin' y'all better listen up on what I'm sayin' here!
We gone be doomed!
We gone be doomed!
You heard it here first.
I forgot to sign up for my Obamacare.
Now I'm probably gonna die from a deaf panel.
Them deaf people, they don't like me now.
Rich people's allowed to have
silver spoons stuck up they ass
and usin' privilege as a defense in they lawsuits.
So now they can go out, get drunk
and mow down a whole damn family!
Yeah big fuckin' surprise,
it happened down in Texas.
Why don't y'all go be your own state,
why dontcha?
Take them Bushes with you.
This kid got off on probation
and his blood-alcohol level
was enough to kill a person.
And just cause his mom and daddy
got a half a million dollars for a rehab,
also probably in Texas!
Who gettin' that money?
You see White People get a fine
for murderin' somebody,
and then the Brown Folks
is doin' about 8-10
for just havin' a joint in they fuckin' pocket!
That ain't fair goddamnit.
Hey, they already know from studies
the more level a society be,
the happier the people's gonna be.
If them Fat Cat Corporate Wildcats had they way,
we would get jecked all the way
back to the Dark Ages!
You member when everybody died
from the Black Death?
OMG, that was another influenze-
Wa- Wasn't it?
Shit, I wonder if the History Channel
is aware of this correlation.
You know what?
I got to thinkin'.
The Republican Party is just one huge
Identity Crisis.
Cause on one hand they're all
free markets, tax cuts for the rich.
And then the Jesus Freaks
with they protest signs
and their holier than thou attitudes on the other.
Well I ain't no theologian,
but Jesus said "Provide for the poor."
So stop your cherry-pickin'
cause if the bible was such a good book,
you'd apply all the beliefs across the board.
Except the ones about slaves and queers.
That musta just been a typo.
Do you know what's happenin'?
These rich bitch affluenzites,
they goin' off buyin' up all these
Republican lawmakers
so they can get backwards conservabitches
to get elected and appointed as judges.
Then they're more corporate-friendly
and defacto moreforth,
they done manipulated the laws in they favo
and we need to dismantle these One Percenters ASAP.
Now I know this is 360 degree
from where I was in my 99% HISI,
but Fuck It!
I'm with the Occupy Hippie Movement now!
It looks like the CEO of the
Nicole Miller fashion line
said if you pay taxes,
that's the onliest way you get to vote.
Yeah, cause that's all you Monopoly Motherfuckers needs
is a little more damn power!
I would suggest that if you own
one of the clothing items from that line,
that you take it outside and torch that shit!
Burn that Bra, Bitches!
What we ought to be doin'
instead of tax-cuttin' the rich
is to spread that income out fairly.
The highest paid occupation ought to be…
We only gonna get to equalize folks
once we equally educated.
Just think how many millions of dollars I'd have
if I had just as much education sense
as my street sense.
I wish I'd done my learnin'.
This system is jacked, Man!
And we need to overhaul the Education
and the Rich Old Wall Street World Orde
what put us here,
ought to be the ones a-footin' the bill!
Fair Pay For All Work!
And that's How I Seize It!
Send me some goddamn beer money.