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Published: April 12, 2013
parianto antonigames said :
hello everyone. how are you today. my
name is parianto antonigames said about
from happy antonipieter in 2nd channe in
on youtube channel was retired!.


parianto antonigames said :
this is video and was to the 2nd channel in
happy antonipieter on youtube channel. has
was retired from to ako675. no more retired.
this is has ended to happy antonipieter 2nd
channel on youtube channel. was stopped.

parianto antonigames said :
and finally. this happy antonipieter 2nd channel
on youtube channel. this in 2012. to one january
and in 2013. to 2nd channel on youtube. is
has retired. and you more ohter 2nd new channel
on youtube channel. thanks for watching this has
family parianto antonigames said. say about this.

parianto antonigames said :
see you have a nice day and see you have
a nice night!.