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Written and Directed by: Dewey Moss
Characters Conceived and Created by: Andy Ross and Mark Hove
Produced by: Bernard Hodes Group
Starring: Mallory Moye, Andrew Sellon, Ken Johnson

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June 16, 2010


BENNY: Hi, Fuzzy.

(Fuzzy screams in panic)

BENNY: Do you know when the next series of reports are going to be finished?

FUZZY: Is that supposed to be me doing that?

BENNY: Isn’t it?

FUZZY: I don’t know?

BENNY: Don’t you think it is?

FUZZY: I don’t know?

BENNY: Did you…

FUZZY: Don’t know?

BENNY: When is…

FUZZY: Don’t know?

BENNY: But if…

FUZZY: Don’t know?

BENNY: And how…

FUZZY: Don’t know?

BENNY: Where will…

FUZZY: Don’t know?


FUZZY: Don’t know?

BENNY: Just…is there anything you DO know?

(Fuzzy starts to answer)

BENNY: uuuup – let me guess:

BENNY AND FUZZY: I (you) don't know.

NARRATOR: My goodness that Boss-Man Benny is in a quandary yet again! What should he do? Should he A. Squeeze Fuzzy’s head until her overly-wide eyes pop out of their sockets; B. Bring her contributions and responsibilities into better focus, thereby engaging and inspiring her, or C. Walk away slowly and go to lunch, leaving Fuzzy in her own cloud of confusion never to be heard from again. Make your choice now!

Bully for you! You chose the correct answer: B!

BENNY: You know Fuzzy, the reports that you ran last month for me were right on target.

FUZZY: They…were?

BENNY: They sure were. And that’s exactly the kind of work we want and expect from you all the time.

FUZZY: You know, I have been thinking about another way of doing these that might help you out even more…would you like to hear about it?

BENNY: I sure would, Fuzzy. I sure would!