Captain Hollowbone introduces his new line of frozen fish products.

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April 11, 2010


Captain Hollowbone here, for Bacon Laigh Hillshire Frozen Food Products. Introducing our new gourmet line—Seaman’s Crisp Fisherman-Style Breaded Home Sticks. A breaded style home stick with a seaman’s twist!
Or Fisherman’s Fist Large Flattened Fish Cakes. Sea Biscuits Horse Crisps – powdered horse with a Melba toast finish. And the Creamin’ Seaman Chowder Pockets. Send your kids to school with a pocket full of chowder, will ya?
Have you ever had stick on a fish? What about fish in a stick? Don’t put a fish up in yer, if you can have a fish stick back from ya!
Also from Bacon Laigh Hillshire: Seamen’s Fist Crispy Fish Twists, Creamin’ Seamen’s Chowder Pockets, Terry Linx Anal Bengal Steaks, Sea Biscuits Horse Crisps, Dr. Gaelic’s Celtic Medicine, Captain Hollowbone’s Breaded Seamen Sticks And Seamen’s Breaded Home Sticks, the Gourmet Line: Breaded Seamen’s Stick Fish, Seamen’s Crisp Breaded Style Home Sticks, Bacon Laigh Hillshire’s Crustless Meats With Wang Fong, Palatable Chicken Nubbins, A Healthy Portion Of She-Bites, Seamen’s Crisp Twists, and Crap-Smoked Herring.
Well! You’ll just have to have a fisherman’s taste, now won’t ya?
Don’t forget, I’m wearing Wanker’s Mist Cologne. This has been Captain Hollowbone. Enjoy yourself, and enjoy these fine, fine products from Bacon Laigh Hillshire.

Starring Ryan Greenacre
Written by Ryan Greenacre, Mark Greenacre
Director & Editor: Malcolm Frase
Crew: John Yemen, Mark Greenacre
Music: Les Yeux Fermés
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