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Full Credits

Produced by Ceylon Anderson, Patrick Bocarde, and James Honzik
Directed by James Honzik
Directors of Photography/Cinematography
Adam Jones
Justin Hawthorne
James Honzik
Opening Timelapse Sequence
James Honzik
Sound Design and Original Score
Luke Lefler
Arthur Lloyd
Luciano Wiehl
Charles Bonds
Kim Damio
Meghan McCreary
Rich Vail Mackin
Screenplay by
Ceylon Anderson and Patrick Bocarde
based on the Anabasis of Xenophon
The Worriers
Achilles: Ceylon Anderson
Funkface: Patrick Bocarde
Clinton: Brandon Sawyer
Caligula: Benjamin Fisher
and The Girl from Gresham
Brittany Baldwin
Star Trek Commanders
Krisztian Carrasco
John Terry
Todd George
Joel Earl
Third Eye Lyricists
Ric Vrana
Christine Homitsu White
Joel Earl
Blair Vail Mackin
David Deserano
The Prom Couple
John Terry
Amberley Terry
The Poets in Residence
Cyrus: Michael Franklin
Hanna Sourbeer
Bethany Moore
Lauren Wilhelmi
John Keller
The Unfurled Zippers
Joel Earl
Charles Bonds
Veronica Greene
Melissa Hanley
The Sketchy Raging Wifebeaters
Simon Diamond
Charles Bonds
Jacob V. Brown
Arthur Lloyd
Evan Wellington
Joel Earl
Curtis Whitecarrol
Other Gang Members
John Alan Szfranski
David Milholland
Judith Pullman
Disc Jockey
Doug Spangle
Washington Park Girl
Becca Yenser
All Poetry and Songs
Property of respective authors.
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Dedicated to the Memory of Andrew MacArthur

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March 20, 2014