Chris Mintz-Plasse and Dave Franco are so hot. They wanna li-li-li-lick you from yo' head to yo' toes.

Full Credits

Starring: Dave Franco & Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Director: Brian Mcginn
Writers: Hunter Cope, Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Producer: Allison Hord
Cinematographer: Doug Chamberlain
Editor: Jay Davis
Special Thanks: Rod Blackhurst
Sound: Bo Town Sound/Ryan Knouf
Makeup/Hair: Shauna O'Toole
PA: Liz Lanteri


Male Voice: (whispers) Exclusive.
Dave Franco: God, you are so hot. I wanna
strip you down butt ass
Dave Franco: naked, and literally cover
every single inch of your
Dave Franco: body with my tongue. I mean,
up and down, left and right,
Dave Franco: until you can't stand it
anymore. I mean your back is
Dave Franco: arched, you're clawing at my
chest panting in my ear just
Dave Franco: fuckin' begging for it.
Dave Franco: [Whispering] And then I enter you.
Dave Franco: And we both cum almost
instantaneously, in unison.
Dave Franco: And it's fucking epic.
[Music Playing]
Chris Mintz-Plasse: You're so hot, that I want to
drop my cum bombs into your
Chris Mintz-Plasse: ass trench, World War
Two style.
[Music Playing]
Dave Franco: You're so hot, I'm gonna jerk
you off into a Popsicle
Dave Franco: mold, and then I'm gonna
freeze the cum, and then I'm
Dave Franco: gonna deep throat that
cum-sicle. [Gagging Sounds]
Chris Mintz-Plasse: I wanna paint your tight
little asshole blue, and
Chris Mintz-Plasse: pretend like I'm
fuckin' your avatar.
Dave Franco: Oh man, you are so fuckin'
sizzling hot.
Dave Franco: I want Morgan Spurlock to
direct a documentary on my
Dave Franco: life, but instead of eating
McDonald's for thirty days
Dave Franco: straight, I'm gonna eat
your asshole.
[Music Playing]
[Deep Breath]
Chris Mintz-Plasse: You are so hot. I wanna go to
a Justin Bieber concert,
Chris Mintz-Plasse: right when he gets off stage
all sweaty like, I'm gonna
Chris Mintz-Plasse: steal him, take his precious
little head, shove it so far
Chris Mintz-Plasse: up your asshole that his lips
come straight up to your
Chris Mintz-Plasse: pee hole, so when I jerk you
off, as you're cumming, your
Chris Mintz-Plasse: pee hole's gonna sing to me.
Chris Mintz-Plasse: [Singing] Baby, baby,
baby cum, right...
Both Sing: [Singing] Baby, baby, baby cum.
Dave Franco: I fuckin' love that song.
Chris Mintz-Plasse: [Whispering] That's a fuckin'
number one.
Dave Franco: [Whispering] That's fuckin' sexy.
Chris Mintz-Plasse: [Whispering] Wait, wait, wait.
One second.
Dave Franco: [Whispering] Yeah, yeah.
Chris Mintz-Plasse: [Whispering] Your lips.
Dave Franco: [Whispering] Yeah, get me.
Chris Mintz-Plasse: [Whispering] Look chapped.
Dave Franco: [Whispering] Give me. Oh,
yeah, get that lip, get that,
Dave Franco: get that bottom lip.
Chris Mintz-Plasse: [Whispering] Okay, almost got it.
Dave Franco: [Whispering] Mm.
Chris Mintz-Plasse: [Whispering] Gotta get
the upper.
Dave Franco: [Whispering] Oh yeah, get
that upper deck.
Chris Mintz-Passe: [Whispering] Okay.
Dave Franco: [Whispering] Mm, get it.
Chris Mintz-Passe: [Whispering] That feel good?
Dave Franco: [Whispering] Mm. Wanna know
how fuckin hot you are?
Chris Mintz-Passe: [Whispering] Breath tastes.
Feel that?
Dave Franco: Yeah, you feel that shit?
Yeah, you wanna know how
Dave Franco: fuckin' hot you are?
Chris Mintz-Passe: [Whispering] Tell me how
hot I am.
Dave Franco: You're so hot, I wanna take
the extra foreskin of my
Dave Franco: uncircumcised cock.
Chris Mintz-Passe: That's my favorite part
about you.
Dave Franco: And I wanna stretch it, and
then I wanna press it like
Dave Franco: Silly Putty on a freshly
printed newspaper to extract
Dave Franco: the ink. And then I wanna
pull back, and I wanna have
Dave Franco: you read it back to me in
your best Ray Fine impersonation...
Dave Franco: [Laughs] Oh, ho ho!
[Bells Ring and Crowd Cheers]
Chris Mintz-Passe: Mm. Good match.
Chris Mintz-Passe: Dude, your foreskin is
touching my butt.