A parody of "Camelot" about the ongoing budget nonsense in Congress.

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July 25, 2011



A Parody of “Camelot”

New lyrics and performance by Steve Bryant


It’s true, it’s true. The framers made it plain.

Spending more than we take in is just insane.


For years we tried to have a balanced budget.

Some thought the idea wasn’t all that hot.

They taxed and spent and nobody begrudged it.

Now we owe a lot.


Most Senators and Congressmen are guilty.

Of spending like they’re living on a yacht.

Now no one knows just what the budget will be.

We owe a lot.


Owe a lot.

We owe a lot.

I know it all sounds pretty strange.

But we owe a lot,

Owe a lot.

We all voted for change.


Bill Maher told us our salad days are over.

Rush Limbaugh said it’s all a liberal scheme.

Obama said it’s not

Another liberal plot.

I guess he’s living in a dream

‘Cause we still owe a lot.


The debt ceiling is over 14 trillion.

Our economy is slower than snail snot.

Excuses, well they’ve come up with a zillion,

Why we owe a lot


Owe a lot,

Owe a lot,

From LA to New York

We owe a lot,

Owe a lot.

From all the fat and pork.


They’ve snowed us all and now it’s probably too late.

They screwed us but without their private parts.

Our leader’s not that hot,

He isn’t doing squat

We’ll be living out of shopping carts,

‘Cause we still owe a lot.